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Arabian lessons for Afghanistan

Over the last three months or so, we heard the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly saying that “violence is not the right way to resolve issues” and “we urge all parties involved to practice maximum restraint” and “ … is so out of touch with his people”, and all of those ‘vacation responses’ from […]

Anti American sentiment?!

Hillary Clinton is calling for the government of Pakistan to stop promoting the anti-American sentiment in Lahore. That is in the city where an American embassy worker shot and killed two Pakistani civilians, one of them in the back, and then claimed that he was doing that in ‘self defense’! I am assuming that not […]

The Israeli solar system?

Like everyone else I was glued to my TV for the last few days, watching the developments of Egyptian revolution as they unfold. Making sure to pay attention to how the western media covers the story, I noticed some indications about the way this region looks like from the perspective of western media. The most […]

From Cordoba to New York

In one way or another, Islam became the subject for a number of heated debates in the US recently. From the controversy over the Islamic center near ground zero, to the announced plans to burn the Quran and the rumors about Obama being the first Muslim president of the US. All of these topics are […]

Iraq: A happy ending?

The withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq was received by many people in the region, as a step ahead in the transformation of Iraq into a democratic, viable state. Everyone is happy with that news. Obama is pleased to have started fulfilling one of his campaign promises, American soldiers are happy to end their […]