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How to make a terrorist organization

“Dictators’ guide to global bloodshed” Are you a dictator who wants to excel in dictatorship? Do you feel ashamed every time you hang out with other dictators who have fancy terrorist groups, and can inflict misery around the world, while you only have your army and can only torture your own people? Do you find […]

It’s time for Muslims to lead a global spring

The massacre of Alhoula in Syria should be a wake up call for the world United Nations, the international organization that was founded after WWII to maintain peace and security in the world is clearly unable to do this task. The five permanent members of the security council are paralyzing efforts to bring peace to […]

Occupy Al-Qaeda

What does the popular uprising in the west mean for the ideology of Al-Qaeda? As odd as it might sound, the occupy movement in the west, and in the US in particular, actually delegitimizes attacking the US civilians indiscriminately by Al-Qaeda, even according to their own twisted logic and ill understanding of Islam. Throughout the […]

Another isolated incident or America’s blindness to its own terrorism?

The cold-blooded killing of 16 Afghan civilians by an American soldier did not come as a surprise to those who have been following the US wars in the Muslim world during the last decade. The number of “isolated incidents” of atrocities done by this army to civilians is daunting. With every incident comes an investigation, […]

West, Islam, and guardians of ignorance

Since the dawn of time, ignorance was one of the best tools to control and manipulate people. Throughout the course of history, this control was practiced in different ways, but the concept always remained the same – Controlling what people know allows you to control them. In the medieval ages the church used to burn […]

The unlearned lessons of 9/11

Much worse than learning nothing at all is to learn the wrong lesson. 10 years after the beginning of the war on terror, many of us are still dipped into the illusion that we were fed when we were in a state of shock, before being dragged quickly into an inter-civilization war that has transformed […]

On Guantanamo

Before coming to Canada, I was working on a documentary film about the story of the remaining two Kuwaitis, detained by the US in Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. The two are among a group of 50 shortlisted detainees who are likely to be detained indefinitely as part of the new US approach to “address” […]

Parcel panic vs. common sense

The parcel bombs caused a global storm of reactions. Politicians, military and strategic analysts, bomb specialists, aviation and even financial experts are all scratching their heads about this new form of threat imposed by global terrorism. Though did not explode, the two bombs caused a global explosion of media coverage and analysis, making it difficult […]