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The Bedoon revolt

Unfortunately, Kuwait witnessed another day of crackdown on public liberties today, when a group of Bedoons (the stateless population of Kuwait) who held a peaceful protest to demand their civil rights were attacked by security forces in Jahra, roughly 30 km to the west of Kuwait city. The Ministry of Interior’s spokesman said that the […]

Planning or justification?

Recently, the long awaited recommendations of the Higher Planning Committee for the resolution of ‘statelessness’ in Kuwait were released. The recommendations were extremely disappointing, as they excluded 75,000 bedoons from any sort of resolution, calling many of them ‘criminals’! In fact, even the lucky category of 15,000 stateless people, who can provide proof of residence […]

Bedoons in predicament

Kuwaiti Parliament While discussion on the bedoon’s civil rights draft law in the National Assembly was postponed yesterday due to lack of quorum (for the second time in a row) nearly 100,000 bedoons (stateless persons) continue to fight a ‘paper war’ in a bid to reflect their physical existence on legal dossiers. Some bedoons think […]