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How to make a terrorist organization

“Dictators’ guide to global bloodshed” Are you a dictator who wants to excel in dictatorship? Do you feel ashamed every time you hang out with other dictators who have fancy terrorist groups, and can inflict misery around the world, while you only have your army and can only torture your own people? Do you find […]

International stakes in Syrian revolution

 Unlike any other Arab spring uprising, the Syrian revolution turned into one of the bloodiest revolutions in history, thanks to foreign intervention. Having lived for more than 40 years under brutal dictatorship, Syrians found themselves revolting against a regime supported by Hizbollah, Iran, Russia, and China. Armed with nothing but the weapons they capture from […]

Is the west trying to collect the fruits of Syrian revolution?

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful There seems to be something missing in the logic of David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, and Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State. Both are putting up expectations and conditions about how the new Syria that will emerge after Assad should be like, […]

Ambrose and embryos

A missing angle in the argument over abortion in Canada The controversy still goes on over the recent vote of Canada’s Status of Women Minister, Rona Ambrose, in favor of a bill that is deemed to be against abortion. Many voices in Canada are calling for the minister to resign, accusing her of being the […]

Lonely Nation Syndrome

During a political discussion with a German friend of mine few days ago I discovered that world nations can be divided into two categories with regard to a certain aspect of their world view. ‘Lonely nations’ like Germans for example have a common aspect of their worldview with other lonely nations like Iran or Ethiopia […]

The evils of “political radiation”

How many times did we hear a story about an honest person who went into politics to put things back onto the right track, only to discover few years later that this person was also corrupted?! It happens all the time. Even if we were to give politicians the benefit of doubt, and assume that […]

The cure and the misery

I recently watched a documentary film about a group of blind people in North Korea, who were being treated by a visiting medical staff from a western country. Many of the people in the film were blinded long time ago due to their extremely poor living conditions. The only reason why these people didn’t enjoy […]

The Jihad of NATO

There were some voices over the last two days in the west that were concerned of whether the operation Odyssey Dawn will be viewed as another attack on an Islamic country. Specifically in the US, there seems to be fear of being viewed as launching a third war in the Muslim world. Of course, the […]

Arabian lessons for Afghanistan

Over the last three months or so, we heard the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly saying that “violence is not the right way to resolve issues” and “we urge all parties involved to practice maximum restraint” and “ … is so out of touch with his people”, and all of those ‘vacation responses’ from […]

The ugly face of Russia

In a recent statement, the last secretary general of the communist party of the Soviet Union, Michael Gorbachev, described the Russian rulers of being ‘arrogant’. I am not a communist, nor do I have any special place in my heart for Gorbachev, or for what he represents, but I completely agree with him on this […]