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The last manouver

The Egyptian president’s problem is that he thinks he is smart, when he is stupid. The problem with Obama, and the rest of the world leaders is that they are taking him seriously. The problem with Egypt is that this rotten regime managed throughout his three decades of Mubarak’s presidency to buy a lot of […]

Regardless to the outcome

Valuable lessons from the Egyptian revolution What happened in Egypt took everyone by surprise. Egyptians, Arabs, and even people and leaders in the west did not expect the momentum of Tunisian uprising to sweep the well-rooted authoritarian regime in Egypt this quickly. I wrote about the wrong bets that were made by some western leaders […]

Tunisism and Sarkozysm

Who would’ve thought one month ago that a street vendor setting himself in fire in Tunisia will trigger the wave of change in the ailed dictatorships throughout the African wing of the Arab world? Many people, myself included, thought that they will never live long enough to witness a day like this. In fact, I […]

Obama, Bush, and the Middle East

I know many people will think that it is completely unfair to compare Barack Obama’s Middle East policy to that of George W. Bush, but it’s a comparison that just must take place at one point. To begin with, we need to understand that there are two Obamas, the candidate and the president. Views of […]

Wa Aleikum Alsalam..

President Obama began his speech in Egypt today with the Islamic greeting “Assalamu Aleikum”, that’s the short version of “Assalamu Aleikum wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh” it means ” peace, mercy, and blesses of Allah upon You”. While I was listening to Obama’s wonderfull speech I wanted to believe that he was speaking on behalf […]