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International stakes in Syrian revolution

 Unlike any other Arab spring uprising, the Syrian revolution turned into one of the bloodiest revolutions in history, thanks to foreign intervention. Having lived for more than 40 years under brutal dictatorship, Syrians found themselves revolting against a regime supported by Hizbollah, Iran, Russia, and China. Armed with nothing but the weapons they capture from […]

The Egyptian Un-Revolution

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Just few months ago, Egyptians of all walks of life showed the whole world an ultimate example of national unity. During the peaceful revolution in Egypt, Muslims, Christians, conservative and liberal, Islamists and Seculars, were all united against one goal – riding the country […]

Arab revolutions from Iran’s perspective

As the Arab spring continues to send shockwaves across the globe, regimes in the Middle East find themselves faced with unprecedented challenges. Sitting on the very edge of the Arab world, the Islamic Republic of Iran is faced with numerous burdens that could put a limit to its decade-long tide in the region, and pose […]

Libya: the addicts and dinosaurs!

The events in Libya took even the most pessimistic of people by surprise. I am talking about both, those who were pessimistic about how atrocious can a dictator be; and those who thought that politicians cannot possibly go lower. Unfortunately for Libyans, reality proved to be much worse than our worst imaginations. People say that […]

The power of illusion … at least!

Even if we are going to be optimists, and a little bit naïve, and believe what Mubarak was saying today in his interview with ABC, it is still an indication of the way this man sees Egypt. He told Christiane Amanpour that he wants to step down, but ‘he is afraid that Egypt will fall […]

The last manouver

The Egyptian president’s problem is that he thinks he is smart, when he is stupid. The problem with Obama, and the rest of the world leaders is that they are taking him seriously. The problem with Egypt is that this rotten regime managed throughout his three decades of Mubarak’s presidency to buy a lot of […]

The Mubarak trap

During the long period of dictatorship in the Arab world, many analysts were saying that it is a vulnerability for a country to be embodied in a single person. This makes the country weak not only because this person can have personal interests or wrong judgments, but also because the state in that case becomes […]

Regardless to the outcome

Valuable lessons from the Egyptian revolution What happened in Egypt took everyone by surprise. Egyptians, Arabs, and even people and leaders in the west did not expect the momentum of Tunisian uprising to sweep the well-rooted authoritarian regime in Egypt this quickly. I wrote about the wrong bets that were made by some western leaders […]

Obama, Bush, and the Middle East

I know many people will think that it is completely unfair to compare Barack Obama’s Middle East policy to that of George W. Bush, but it’s a comparison that just must take place at one point. To begin with, we need to understand that there are two Obamas, the candidate and the president. Views of […]

One peace of Abbas!

I want to talk about Palestine, about the so called ‘Palestinian Authority’. It’s really a very funny story if you will look at it from the wider perspective. It illustrates the level of wickedness that exists in the deeds of the leaders of the Zionist state of Israel, and the stupidity, or the selfishness, of […]