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Before waving the Veto!

The secretary of state Hillary Clinton declared another flagrant biased statement in regard to the long-standing issue between the Palestinians and Israelis. One more time, another US administration fails to understand the significance of this bias on the relations between America, as a leader of the “free world”, and the Muslim world. Therefore, the great […]

Anti American sentiment?!

Hillary Clinton is calling for the government of Pakistan to stop promoting the anti-American sentiment in Lahore. That is in the city where an American embassy worker shot and killed two Pakistani civilians, one of them in the back, and then claimed that he was doing that in ‘self defense’! I am assuming that not […]

The Israeli solar system?

Like everyone else I was glued to my TV for the last few days, watching the developments of Egyptian revolution as they unfold. Making sure to pay attention to how the western media covers the story, I noticed some indications about the way this region looks like from the perspective of western media. The most […]

One peace of Abbas!

I want to talk about Palestine, about the so called ‘Palestinian Authority’. It’s really a very funny story if you will look at it from the wider perspective. It illustrates the level of wickedness that exists in the deeds of the leaders of the Zionist state of Israel, and the stupidity, or the selfishness, of […]

Plus Iran, minus Israel

HalluciNations Many variables are changing in this region. Iraqi people are voting, and the result is not guaranteed for a single candidate. Yet, the winner is accusing Iran of interfering with the formation of an Iraqi government. Lebanese leaders, previously enemies of Syria, are visiting Damascus, the ally of Iran. Israeli press reported that the […]

Bystander Effect and … Israel!

HalluciNations During the last week, I became familiar with a weird concept called "Bystander effect". It basically means that as the number of bystanders increases the likelihood of a bystander helping someone in distress decreases. Coincidently, during the same week, I witnessed two situations that proved such a concept to be true. Both are, in […]

Israel Exercising what?

The Israeli military exercise is getting a lot of media coverage, a lot of countries are worried that this is only a preparation for another offensive by Israel on Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or even Iran, but most of the analysts think that Israel know better than attacking any other country, they know what they can, […]