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What Persian Gulf?!

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Apart from the heated sectarian divide across the Middle East, there seems to be another more subtle conflict going on, over nothing more than what to name the sea that divides Arab Gulf States, and Iran. Arabs insist it is the Arab Gulf, while […]

Dear West: You have a problem

As a Muslim living in the west, I know firsthand how it feels to be viewed according to a preset prejudice. When someone has prejudice about you he only sees in you what validates that stereotype for him. If he happens to detect something good in you that could negate that prejudice, he attributes it […]

West, Islam, and guardians of ignorance

Since the dawn of time, ignorance was one of the best tools to control and manipulate people. Throughout the course of history, this control was practiced in different ways, but the concept always remained the same – Controlling what people know allows you to control them. In the medieval ages the church used to burn […]

Islamophobia – another system failure

The world is plagued with Islamophobia. It’s just one more manifestation of humanity’s unnatural way of life; something in the category of pollution, wars, poverty, diseases, or hunger. Islamophobia is not only one of the main symptoms of this ailed world order, but might also be one of the main reasons for it. Muslims around […]

The age of extremism

One only needs to take a look at any international news bulletin to see the scale of this new trend that is taking across the globe. Whole nations are drifting further to the right, going deeper into their selves, and closing their minds in the face of the others. Yesterday I was watching news from […]

From Cordoba to New York

In one way or another, Islam became the subject for a number of heated debates in the US recently. From the controversy over the Islamic center near ground zero, to the announced plans to burn the Quran and the rumors about Obama being the first Muslim president of the US. All of these topics are […]

Extreme atheism

During my recent visit to Thailand I went to visit Wat Pho, the biggest and oldest temple in the country’s capital, Bangkok. Our tour guide was a very knowledgeable and nice lady named Mimi, who did a very good job walking us through all of the magnificent areas of this sacred Buddhist temple. After the […]

Freedom-free zone

HalluciNations I was in Egypt when the invasion of Iraq began in March 2003. I remember that at that time, during a Friday prayer I was attending, the Imam was speaking angrily against the invasion. The speech was honest. It wasn't just a 'how to enhance your relationship with Allah' stuff, it was real words, […]

Austrian tolerance!

HalluciNations It really sounds like some sort of a disease, "your husband is suffering from an advanced stage of 'Austriantolerance' madam, and there's nothing we can do about that, we are very sorry!" – could be a sentence from a cheesy science fiction movie. The funny part is, this is not too far from the […]

Taboo Intersections

HalluciNations Taboos have always aroused my curiosity. I've always been interested in how they are formed and how people deal with them. I've always believed that studying the taboos of a society can reveal much about it. Knowing what is forbidden can say much more about a nation than knowing what is allowed. Studying the […]