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On Guantanamo

Before coming to Canada, I was working on a documentary film about the story of the remaining two Kuwaitis, detained by the US in Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. The two are among a group of 50 shortlisted detainees who are likely to be detained indefinitely as part of the new US approach to “address” […]

No end in sight

One more time, the 50 year old misery of over 100,000 people is handled with the utmost disregard and indifference by the members of Kuwaiti National Assembly. Another long awaited session, that was supposed to bring legislations aimed to grant the Bedoon population of Kuwait their basic human and civil rights was postponed, “for lack […]

The ugly face of Russia

In a recent statement, the last secretary general of the communist party of the Soviet Union, Michael Gorbachev, described the Russian rulers of being ‘arrogant’. I am not a communist, nor do I have any special place in my heart for Gorbachev, or for what he represents, but I completely agree with him on this […]

The Bedoon revolt

Unfortunately, Kuwait witnessed another day of crackdown on public liberties today, when a group of Bedoons (the stateless population of Kuwait) who held a peaceful protest to demand their civil rights were attacked by security forces in Jahra, roughly 30 km to the west of Kuwait city. The Ministry of Interior’s spokesman said that the […]

Wrong stance on human rights

HalluciNations Today I will start with an analogy. A young couple just had their first child, they loved it more than words could describe. The child was physically- challenged. Doctors explained their son's condition. They were told that their son would grow up to be a normal person, if his parents subject him to painful […]


HalluciNations This is not a code or a password, it is just a title for an article about the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Kuwait (Q8). It might seem like I am deliberately targeting those guys, especially since it wasn't so long ago that I wrote about their "safari" photos, where they show people kneeling […]

Police safari photos!

HalluciNations Everyone of us saw, at least once, the pictures of a lineup of people arrested by police forces on suspicion of various offenses in pretty much every Kuwaiti newspaper. These suspects are shown kneeling on the floor in front of the illegal goods they were caught with, be it drugs, international calling telephones, or […]