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How to end slavery?

Another disturbing story was published in the Oregonian Newspaper about slave-like labor conditions in China. This time, a woman in America found a letter inside a holiday decoration imported from China, begging to deliver the plight of oppressed workers to Human Rights organizations. The letter speaks about 15 hour work days, with no days off, […]

What freedom of speech?

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful The recent blasphemous and disgusting insults that were made to the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH), and all the unfortunate events that followed, require a conscious effort to detect the misunderstanding between these two civilizations, and clarify it. Any attempt to bridge the gap […]

The ugly face of Russia

In a recent statement, the last secretary general of the communist party of the Soviet Union, Michael Gorbachev, described the Russian rulers of being ‘arrogant’. I am not a communist, nor do I have any special place in my heart for Gorbachev, or for what he represents, but I completely agree with him on this […]

Next stop: Democracy

Just like any other Arab, or even non Arab who believe in Human Rights and freedom, I feel euphoric. I am beyond just happy. There are no words to describe how proud I am of the Egyptian people, and their revolution, and their achievement. Just few weeks ago, I wrote a post where I accused […]

Conservative or liberal?

People always tell me that they find it difficult to determine my political orientation. Am I a liberal, or a conservative? The truth is I am neither and both. As to any other aspect of my worldview, I do not find it necessary to restrict myself into any single category or class. To say that […]

Leak baby leak

The whole world is now in a frenzy state over the recently leaked US cables. Some people are furious about the leaks, many others are happy. I proudly belong to the second group. I think that countries that behave in the name of their citizens do not enjoy the same right for privacy as their […]

Publicly protected privacy

I have been wanting to write about this issue on and off for almost two months now. Ever since Google withdrew from China for allegedly refusing to give in for demands to give access to the email accounts of members the country’s political opposition. Back then, Google was facing another dispute over privacy with Austria, […]

Redline paradise!

It is official now, the ‘secret’ is true; thoughts do indeed turn into things. All the redlines that were set before by all the politicians in Kuwait are being realized – everything in Kuwait is becoming either banned or censored. A few days ago, I went to watch a movie in the cinema like any […]