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The evils of “political radiation”

How many times did we hear a story about an honest person who went into politics to put things back onto the right track, only to discover few years later that this person was also corrupted?! It happens all the time. Even if we were to give politicians the benefit of doubt, and assume that […]

The ugly face of Russia

In a recent statement, the last secretary general of the communist party of the Soviet Union, Michael Gorbachev, described the Russian rulers of being ‘arrogant’. I am not a communist, nor do I have any special place in my heart for Gorbachev, or for what he represents, but I completely agree with him on this […]

Next stop: Democracy

Just like any other Arab, or even non Arab who believe in Human Rights and freedom, I feel euphoric. I am beyond just happy. There are no words to describe how proud I am of the Egyptian people, and their revolution, and their achievement. Just few weeks ago, I wrote a post where I accused […]

Conservative or liberal?

People always tell me that they find it difficult to determine my political orientation. Am I a liberal, or a conservative? The truth is I am neither and both. As to any other aspect of my worldview, I do not find it necessary to restrict myself into any single category or class. To say that […]

Two party states and hung democracy

During the last decade many democracies were stuck in a state of political paralysis when elections failed to deliver a clear winner to rule the country. There were repeated incidents of hung parliaments, and disputes over elections results. In some cases these disputes escalated to violent confrontations. These repeated incidents might be an indication to […]

Iraq: A happy ending?

The withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq was received by many people in the region, as a step ahead in the transformation of Iraq into a democratic, viable state. Everyone is happy with that news. Obama is pleased to have started fulfilling one of his campaign promises, American soldiers are happy to end their […]

Kindergarten democracy

I've said before that democracy is a powerful tool, pretty much like the car; you are free to use it to go wherever you want, but before being allowed to drive it, you need to get a driver's license first. When I think about a number of policies adopted recently by the National Assembly, I […]

Rallying to the call of pre-democracy

Seems like elections is constantly losing ground as the most efficient way to reflect nations’ choice of their executive or legislative bodies. In Kuwait, for instance, we have so many kinds of election “diseases”, beginning with vote-buying and by-elections, and probably unending with the prevalent tribal and sectarian language all throughout election campaigns. But this […]

Evaluating Kuwaiti Democracy

Parliament I’ve been busy covering Kuwaiti parliament election in the past 6 days. For the first time in Kuwaiti history 4 women was elected, which is amazing to everyone here, no one expected this breakthrough for Kuwaiti women in such short time, a lot of people now consider Kuwaiti democracy to be a role model […]