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Civilization orbits around the planet

The following is a translation of the first op-ed I published in Canada. It was published in Al-Qalam Arabic newspaper in Vancouver on Friday, August 19th, 2011.   Many people argue that the industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century was sparked by knowledge acquired from the scientific achievements of Islamic civilization through earlier […]

Lonely Nation Syndrome

During a political discussion with a German friend of mine few days ago I discovered that world nations can be divided into two categories with regard to a certain aspect of their world view. ‘Lonely nations’ like Germans for example have a common aspect of their worldview with other lonely nations like Iran or Ethiopia […]

Taboo Intersections

HalluciNations Taboos have always aroused my curiosity. I've always been interested in how they are formed and how people deal with them. I've always believed that studying the taboos of a society can reveal much about it. Knowing what is forbidden can say much more about a nation than knowing what is allowed. Studying the […]