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Freedom-free zone

HalluciNations I was in Egypt when the invasion of Iraq began in March 2003. I remember that at that time, during a Friday prayer I was attending, the Imam was speaking angrily against the invasion. The speech was honest. It wasn't just a 'how to enhance your relationship with Allah' stuff, it was real words, […]

The real impact of fictional lines

HalluciNations The idea for this article occurred to me about two weeks ago, when the volcano in Iceland began replacing planes with ash over the European skies. Like many people, I was following the news on several TV channels, when a reporter mentioned a detail that grabbed my attention. He said that the last time […]

Wrong stance on human rights

HalluciNations Today I will start with an analogy. A young couple just had their first child, they loved it more than words could describe. The child was physically- challenged. Doctors explained their son's condition. They were told that their son would grow up to be a normal person, if his parents subject him to painful […]

Austrian tolerance!

HalluciNations It really sounds like some sort of a disease, "your husband is suffering from an advanced stage of 'Austriantolerance' madam, and there's nothing we can do about that, we are very sorry!" – could be a sentence from a cheesy science fiction movie. The funny part is, this is not too far from the […]


HalluciNations This is not a code or a password, it is just a title for an article about the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Kuwait (Q8). It might seem like I am deliberately targeting those guys, especially since it wasn't so long ago that I wrote about their "safari" photos, where they show people kneeling […]

Plus Iran, minus Israel

HalluciNations Many variables are changing in this region. Iraqi people are voting, and the result is not guaranteed for a single candidate. Yet, the winner is accusing Iran of interfering with the formation of an Iraqi government. Lebanese leaders, previously enemies of Syria, are visiting Damascus, the ally of Iran. Israeli press reported that the […]

Police safari photos!

HalluciNations Everyone of us saw, at least once, the pictures of a lineup of people arrested by police forces on suspicion of various offenses in pretty much every Kuwaiti newspaper. These suspects are shown kneeling on the floor in front of the illegal goods they were caught with, be it drugs, international calling telephones, or […]

Sucking Up Society

HalluciNations Sucking up could be very rewarding for those who master it, and it could also be very annoying for those who don't, or for those who simply despise it. Unfortunately, this ill social habit seems to be opening the royal road to success and prosperity for many people. Some of those people have dual […]

Taboo Intersections

HalluciNations Taboos have always aroused my curiosity. I've always been interested in how they are formed and how people deal with them. I've always believed that studying the taboos of a society can reveal much about it. Knowing what is forbidden can say much more about a nation than knowing what is allowed. Studying the […]

Consumed consumers!

HalluciNations Against all economic theories and all logic, consumers in Kuwait have no voice at all. First of all we have no choice but to consume because we only produce oil. Secondly we have no other amusement other than consuming. Thus, depriving us from products to consume will be like a punishment to us… not […]