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The “Pride” week

Instead of supporting pride movement, and encouraging LGBT people deeper into their astray, all sympathy for them should be directed towards finding the will to help them overcome their psychological and biological abnormalities. Society can’t, for example, replace all the care it gives to people with special needs with a simple pride week, in which […]

Corporation and society

One of the very first things that attract your attention as a newcomer from the Middle East to Canada is the individualist nature of society. As a general rule, societies in the west are not family oriented. The individual is the building block of these societies. In a place where people are not living as […]

Evil war – Battlefield Canada

I have always blamed the west for having stereotype about the Middle East, but as it turns out, I had stereotypes about the west as well. Coming here from another part of the world, with its own set of political conflicts, economic problems, and social difficulties, I had an idea about Canada that is not […]