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No end in sight

One more time, the 50 year old misery of over 100,000 people is handled with the utmost disregard and indifference by the members of Kuwaiti National Assembly. Another long awaited session, that was supposed to bring legislations aimed to grant the Bedoon population of Kuwait their basic human and civil rights was postponed, “for lack […]

The Bedoon revolt

Unfortunately, Kuwait witnessed another day of crackdown on public liberties today, when a group of Bedoons (the stateless population of Kuwait) who held a peaceful protest to demand their civil rights were attacked by security forces in Jahra, roughly 30 km to the west of Kuwait city. The Ministry of Interior’s spokesman said that the […]

The rule of the thumb for injustice!

The Kuwaiti government claims that Bedoon are not stateless, these people have citizenships from other countries, and they are hiding them, because they want to benefit from the Kuwaiti citizenship, even though most of them actually resides in the country even before its declaration of independence back in the year 1961. However, according to the government, these […]