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What Persian Gulf?!

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Apart from the heated sectarian divide across the Middle East, there seems to be another more subtle conflict going on, over nothing more than what to name the sea that divides Arab Gulf States, and Iran. Arabs insist it is the Arab Gulf, while […]

Types of isolation

I was thinking about the fact that only few people that I knew from Ukraine are on my Facebook account. The truth is, people in that part of the world have their own version of the internet, and it’s called “Runet”. It is a set of always expanding websites in Russian language that are designed […]

Lonely Nation Syndrome

During a political discussion with a German friend of mine few days ago I discovered that world nations can be divided into two categories with regard to a certain aspect of their world view. ‘Lonely nations’ like Germans for example have a common aspect of their worldview with other lonely nations like Iran or Ethiopia […]

Pro Mubarak disillusion

During the last two days, some people were saying that Mubarak should be given a chance to leave with dignity. Some people even went on to say that the majority of Egyptian people are not protesting because they want him to stay. I find myself obligated to write this post to explain why these claims […]