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Before waving the Veto!

The secretary of state Hillary Clinton declared another flagrant biased statement in regard to the long-standing issue between the Palestinians and Israelis. One more time, another US administration fails to understand the significance of this bias on the relations between America, as a leader of the “free world”, and the Muslim world. Therefore, the great […]

Era of legitimacy

Apart from Colonel Gaddafi, I believe that every other leader in the Arab world now understands that it is no longer possible to continue to rule his country just because he happens to be in power. The ‘glue’ that used to keep their asses stock on the thrones has melted with the heat of the […]

Plus Iran, minus Israel

HalluciNations Many variables are changing in this region. Iraqi people are voting, and the result is not guaranteed for a single candidate. Yet, the winner is accusing Iran of interfering with the formation of an Iraqi government. Lebanese leaders, previously enemies of Syria, are visiting Damascus, the ally of Iran. Israeli press reported that the […]

Taboo Intersections

HalluciNations Taboos have always aroused my curiosity. I've always been interested in how they are formed and how people deal with them. I've always believed that studying the taboos of a society can reveal much about it. Knowing what is forbidden can say much more about a nation than knowing what is allowed. Studying the […]