The “Pride” week

Instead of supporting pride movement, and encouraging LGBT people deeper into their astray, all sympathy for them should be directed towards finding the will to help them overcome their psychological and biological abnormalities.
Society can’t, for example, replace all the care it gives to people with special needs with a simple pride week, in which people with disabilities will be paraded to show they don’t mind having these difficulties.
That is not to be misunderstood as saying that having a disability is a shameful thing. It simply means that “Pride Parades” are not the solution to the physical and psychological challenges that these people have.
If you want to support the LGBT community, help them out with their problems, not only with how people react to them.

Land ownership, homelessness, and tarsand

Who owns the land? Government? Who is government? People? OK, then what if one of the “people” wants to go and take a piece of land, to build a house for himself on it. Is that possible? No its not. He can’t do that because its illegal. He will have to buy this land from […]

It’s time for Muslims to lead a global spring

The massacre of Alhoula in Syria should be a wake up call for the world United Nations, the international organization that was founded after WWII to maintain peace and security in the world is clearly unable to do this task. The five permanent members of the security council are paralyzing efforts to bring peace to […]

Occupy Al-Qaeda

What does the popular uprising in the west mean for the ideology of Al-Qaeda? As odd as it might sound, the occupy movement in the west, and in the US in particular, actually delegitimizes attacking the US civilians indiscriminately by Al-Qaeda, even according to their own twisted logic and ill understanding of Islam. Throughout the […]

Let’s blog

Throughout history, writers have repeatedly testified to the great influence writing have had on their lives and the transformation they went through as a result. From my humble experience in writing I can testify to that fact as well. Since I started blogging in 2008 I have changed, grown, and transformed faster than the previous […]

Dear West: You have a problem

As a Muslim living in the west, I know firsthand how it feels to be viewed according to a preset prejudice. When someone has prejudice about you he only sees in you what validates that stereotype for him. If he happens to detect something good in you that could negate that prejudice, he attributes it […]

Another isolated incident or America’s blindness to its own terrorism?

The cold-blooded killing of 16 Afghan civilians by an American soldier did not come as a surprise to those who have been following the US wars in the Muslim world during the last decade. The number of “isolated incidents” of atrocities done by this army to civilians is daunting. With every incident comes an investigation, […]

Corporation and society

One of the very first things that attract your attention as a newcomer from the Middle East to Canada is the individualist nature of society. As a general rule, societies in the west are not family oriented. The individual is the building block of these societies. In a place where people are not living as […]

Types of isolation

I was thinking about the fact that only few people that I knew from Ukraine are on my Facebook account. The truth is, people in that part of the world have their own version of the internet, and it’s called “Runet”. It is a set of always expanding websites in Russian language that are designed […]

The global impact of GTMO prison

In a recent press conference held in Washington, the Chinese vice president,  Xi Jinping, said “Of course in human rights situation there is always a room for enhancement”. He, of course, is right. But the expression on the secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s face at that moment was that of helplessness. You can almost tell […]