TheOrient.Ca is a small link that aims to portray Middle Eastern worldview to the western readers in a simplified, yet unfiltered way. It is part of a project that is meant to restore the image of the Middle East, and the Arab and Muslim world, and provide an honest reflection of world events from the perspective of its people. For a very long time, this region, its residents, its culture, its politics, its religion, and everything else about it has been portrayed by people other than the residents of the region itself.

This led to a huge number of misconceptions and misunderstanding. In some cases this was a result of deliberate efforts to misrepresent the Middle East, and in many other cases this was just honest misunderstanding or bad communication.

Either way, the time has come for people in that part of the world to be in charge of how the rest of the world sees them. People of the Middle East need to take the responsibility of shaping their image among other nations.

While doing that, we are committed to remain honest in presenting what we think, and respectful to our audience. After all, the aim of this small attempt is to stimulate more understanding, more tolerance, and more willingness in everyone to find ways in which we all can coexist in peace and harmony.

To that we obligate ourselves, and we will try to do everything we can to maintain that mission.