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Civilization orbits around the planet

The following is a translation of the first op-ed I published in Canada. It was published in Al-Qalam Arabic newspaper in Vancouver on Friday, August 19th, 2011.   Many people argue that the industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century was sparked by knowledge acquired from the scientific achievements of Islamic civilization through earlier […]

Interview with ILO rep. in Kuwait

Human capital ‘very important’ for development plan The argument about funding the development plan is less important than the real driving factor for development – human capital – said the official in charge of Kuwait’s International Labor Organization. In an exclusive interview with the Kuwait Times, Thabet Al-Haroun talked about a number of labor-related issues […]

Publicly protected privacy

I have been wanting to write about this issue on and off for almost two months now. Ever since Google withdrew from China for allegedly refusing to give in for demands to give access to the email accounts of members the country’s political opposition. Back then, Google was facing another dispute over privacy with Austria, […]

Extreme atheism

During my recent visit to Thailand I went to visit Wat Pho, the biggest and oldest temple in the country’s capital, Bangkok. Our tour guide was a very knowledgeable and nice lady named Mimi, who did a very good job walking us through all of the magnificent areas of this sacred Buddhist temple. After the […]

Redline paradise!

It is official now, the ‘secret’ is true; thoughts do indeed turn into things. All the redlines that were set before by all the politicians in Kuwait are being realized – everything in Kuwait is becoming either banned or censored. A few days ago, I went to watch a movie in the cinema like any […]

Planning or justification?

Recently, the long awaited recommendations of the Higher Planning Committee for the resolution of ‘statelessness’ in Kuwait were released. The recommendations were extremely disappointing, as they excluded 75,000 bedoons from any sort of resolution, calling many of them ‘criminals’! In fact, even the lucky category of 15,000 stateless people, who can provide proof of residence […]

The United States of…Taleban?!

I am sure the leaders of Israel are filled with nostalgia for the old days when they were able to kill civilians without having ‘anti-Semitic’ demonstrations in all the capitals of the world. I am also sure that the Israeli MP Hanin Al-Zoubi is right, and the Israeli government planned this attack in advance for […]

Fearsome politics

When I was a child, I used to be afraid of the dark because I thought demons might attack me. As I grew up, I started to realize how ridiculous our fears can sometimes be. As we get older, we make better sense of the context and the actual limits of this emotion known as […]

Freedom-free zone

HalluciNations I was in Egypt when the invasion of Iraq began in March 2003. I remember that at that time, during a Friday prayer I was attending, the Imam was speaking angrily against the invasion. The speech was honest. It wasn't just a 'how to enhance your relationship with Allah' stuff, it was real words, […]

The real impact of fictional lines

HalluciNations The idea for this article occurred to me about two weeks ago, when the volcano in Iceland began replacing planes with ash over the European skies. Like many people, I was following the news on several TV channels, when a reporter mentioned a detail that grabbed my attention. He said that the last time […]