This is a weblog that provides the other perspective in political matters. For a very long time, the Middle East has been in the center of world’s events. But despite that, it remained for the most part unknown and mysterious. Some times people genuenly wanted to understand it, but failed to find a reasonable source that gives them its perspective. In many other times, the Middle East was deliberately misrepresented, and usually to serve certain agendas.

I believe our responsibility in the Middle East to present our point of view of the world to the rest of the world is as important as the responsibility of the the world to seek it. And this is why I started this blog.

As a person with Arab origins who lives in Canada, I feel I have an obligation to reveal, at least to those I could reach, how does the world appear to people from my region. In some instances I will refer to certain beliefs from the Arab world that I myself don’t necessarily believe in them, but I can still explain to the western readers the rationale of the people for behind this worldview.

My name is Ahmad Saied, and I worked as a journalist in Kuwait for more than three years, and have been blogging for the same period about many regional and global issues.

I hope this small effort can help to provide a better communication between nations, and contribute, even a little bit, to a more peaceful world.