How to end slavery?

In some factories in China, people work in slave-like conditions. (Photo via HRW).

Another disturbing story was published in the Oregonian Newspaper about slave-like labor conditions in China. This time, a woman in America found a letter inside a holiday decoration imported from China, begging to deliver the plight of oppressed workers to Human Rights organizations. The letter speaks about 15 hour work days, with no days off, and with less than $2 pay per month, if any.

Stories about labor abuse and slave-like labor conditions in China and other East Asian states are constant occurrences on world media, but the reaction to such stories are anything but tangible.

This begs the question about whether states that claim to be promoting freedom in the world, such as the US and some EU countries, are serious in their claim, or, as many people have already pointed out, they simply use the human rights issues when and where they want to apply pressure for their own interests.

America, the self proclaimed super power, and the country that wants to hold everyone else to its high standard of human rights is constantly turning its face away from human rights violations done by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories. Being an ally to the US makes everything it does moral and right, no matter what it is. If the US is pleased with a country, that country, no matter what it does, cannot be seen to be violating human rights. It’s that simple.

But even when the US is not a friend with a country, and it knows that people are literally being enslaved there, it will still not do anything if helping people is not in its interest. In other words, human rights, freedom, and all of the other mumbo jumbo are simply excuses to justify sanctions, invasions, or any other actions done by the US against any particular regime for the interest of America, or to be more accurate, the interest of US based corporations.

The biggest example is what people in China and North Korea are suffering. If the “Land of the brave” was indeed concerned with people’s freedom and with human rights, they will do whatever it takes to liberate the people of these countries, even if this will mean sacrificing US interests and the lives of US citizens. Otherwise, they have no moral right to justify being a super power, and to work to prevent others, who are potentially more moral than them, to be super powers. In other words, if they don’t want to help, they shouldn’t prevent others from trying to help.

The sad truth is, slavery can’t really be stopped until slavery everywhere is terminated. When people are enslaved by someone, he is likely to use them to either enslave others, or support the slavery of others by another ally “master”. This is happening right now, with different forms, almost everywhere in the world. There are people who are enslaved through media, and people who are enslaved through their need to eat and feed their children, and there are people who are enslaved by force, directly.

When people are slaves, they are not only violated by evil doers, but they are deployed for evil doing as well. As I write this, there are people in China and in Russia who are being enslaved to produce weapons that will be sent to the president of Syria to kill his people into slavery, to maintain the interest of the two “super powers” in this region, or to potentially block other super powers from gaining this stronghold of theirs.

Syrians are being murdered by a regime that is supported by China and Russia, where people are being enslaved for the benefit of few. This means that the collective powers the enslaved people in China and Russia are being deployed to support another form of slavery to another regime in another part of the world, just to maintain the interest of the rulers of those states.

If people are to physically go to China to liberate the slaves there, the government will use these slaves as the front defense line against this “attack”, and the “invaders” will find that they have to fight the people they are going to liberate.

If the people of China will want to make a revolution (like the people of Syria did), then other regimes (Russia, Iran, or North Korea for example), will use their slaves to support the government of China against its people, because they don’t want to risk having a government in China that doesn’t support their interest, or might even work against it.

This is exactly what’s happening now in Syria, where when people tried to be liberated from their slavery, other states use their slaves to support the dictator.

So, to end slavery, either all people in all of these totalitarian states must revolt together, or a new super power must emerge, and take on the hassle and the risk of going into each state and physically liberating its people, against these same people if required.

The first is unlikely to happen, but the second one will inevitably happen. It already happened once in the seventh century, when Muslims fought to liberate Persians against an army of Persian slaves, who were brought into the battlefield chained by their masters. It’s an expensive price to be paid by both sides, but this is the only way to break the circle of slavery, where slaves are used against themselves, and to create ever more powers to their masters.

It will happen. Slavery will end. Muslims will end it, when they will have a moral super power that is not hypocrite like we have now.

Somewhere down the road, Muslims will be dying to liberate Chinese, Iranians, Russians, and other people, who simply can’t liberate themselves.

Only then humanity will really be free, and the world will know what real freedom is.
Mark my words.

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