Is the west trying to collect the fruits of Syrian revolution?

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

David Cameron thinks Britain is still living in the colonial era. (Source: The Guardian)

There seems to be something missing in the logic of David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, and Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State. Both are putting up expectations and conditions about how the new Syria that will emerge after Assad should be like, who should lead it, how he should lead, and who represents the Syrian people and who doesn’t.

First of all, as a matter of principle, none of these two countries have the right to intervene in the matters of any other country in the world. They have no right to dictate their will on other countries. They have no right to assume they are the ones who give or take legitimacy from regimes or people. The US and the UK have about as much right to say how should the next government of Syria be like and who should lead it as the people in Northern Mali have to dictate the next government of Britain or choose the next US president. This colonial mindset that is based on the mentality of western supremacy dates back to the 20th century, and it was behind some of the worst atrocities in human history. The world have changed. This is a century of free nations, and if these leaders in the west will not change their minds, life will step over them and move on, just like it did with stiff-minded dictators in the Arab world.

Secondly, even if it is not dictating, but suggesting, advising, requesting, consulting, or whatever other term diplomats would like to nuance this intervention with, the US and UK have no moral right to even mention the word Syria in their speeches. I fail to fathom where do they come from dictating their will on Syrians after having ignored the plight of millions of Syrians, and closed their eyes to the brutal death of 40,000 people!  All of a sudden the Syria that they failed to hear or see throughout its bloody struggle for freedom “popped up” on their world map, and they want now to dictate how these people should govern themselves? Where do they come up with the nerve to utter something this immoral, irrational, rude, and plainly stupid?

If the United Kingdom and the United States managed to pretend Syria doesn’t exist throughout the Syrian revolution, they might as well continue to do so after it regains its freedom. When Syrians will regain their freedom they would have taken it themselves. It wouldn’t be a gift from you, and you can’t even say that you helped them achieve it. Clinton and Cameron failed to know what Putin and Jintau failed to know earlier, which is that no one in Syria cares what kind of government you want to see in Syria. You don’t have a right in wanting anything in the first place, and you didn’t take part in the process. So basically … shut up!

Furthermore, when Syrians will regain their freedom it will not only be without your help, but it will even be against your will, and you know it, and the Syrian people know it, no matter how you tried to mask it with fluffy condemnations to maintain your appeal throughout the revolution. Every five year old kid in the Middle East knows that you have always put your interests, and the interest of Israel before the lives of the Syrians, and you are not apologizing for it. Syrian people have their own interest, and when they will regain their freedom they will put their own interest first, and they will choose a government that represents them the way they want. You will have to learn to deal with them as a free nation. You will have to learn to respect them, and treat them as equals. Otherwise you will have to fear them, just like you fear any other free and dignified nation in this world.

The people, who went against all odds to gain their freedom, and who fought against a brutal regime with nothing other than unbreakable determination, will not bow to your will, and surrender their freedom at your feet once you demand it from them. The armless people who stood up for a state army that is backed by Iran, Russia, and China, as well as the approving silence from the rest of the world, will not all of a sudden change to a timid nation that is fearful of UK’s or US’ disapproval. And I am pretty sure you know that as well. That is why you waited all of this time, so that whoever wins this fight will be too weak, and will need your assistance, and will accept your terms. Well, no. That’s not going to happen. The people who endured all of this suffering for their freedom will endure more than that for their dignity. Arabs are not slaves for you anymore, and they will never be. The world have changed. And you need to wake up.

Your silence for what happened in Syria is a disgrace, and will always remain a black stain in your history. Syrians and other nations in the Arab and Muslim world will always remember this. They will always remember that when they needed your help, as humans, and pleaded to your humanity, you turned a blind eye to their plight, and followed your narrow interests. Even future generations of your own people will remember this as a dark and shameful time in your history, and they will look back at you with disrespect or even disgust. You should be ashamed of yourselves for having been silent all of this time, and this should make you think twice before uttering such blasphemy.

Lastly David Cameron, you have no right to give pardon to the man who slaughtered 40,000 Syrians. I don’t remember the mothers, the fathers, the brothers, the sons, the wives, and the husbands of people who were killed in Syria hiring you to speak on their behalf or be their attorney. You don’t speak for the deceased Syrians either. The very fact that you personally are willing to allow Assad to walk away with what he did is an indication of your approval for what happened, and a sign of how shameful this stance that the world is taking towards the Syrian revolution.

Shame on you.

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