It’s time for Muslims to lead a global spring

The massacre of Alhoula in Syria should be a wake up call for the world

The UN observers said that children were executed from close range in the small Syrian town by the regime militia

United Nations, the international organization that was founded after WWII to maintain peace and security in the world is clearly unable to do this task. The five permanent members of the security council are paralyzing efforts to bring peace to many regions of the world for their own interests. Furthermore, as a rule, laws are usually put in place to protect the weaker from the stronger. If the “laws” of the UN are not applicable to the strongest ones, what is the point for the weaker countries to stay there, and give legitimacy to this useless organization?

Four of the five states that enjoy the right for veto are predominantly Christians, and one is atheist. Muslims, who are 1.5 billion people, and represent 1/5 of world’s population have no veto right. The United Nations, therefore, can be considered a club where the dominant powers of the world can get legitimacy stamps for their imperial interests. It is not an organization where all “nations” of the world are properly represented, and it is not a place where anything is ever united.

Because of that, when it comes to protecting the rights of Muslims, whether it is in Palestine, or Syria, or any other country, the whole world is held hostage to the narrow interest of a small group of criminals in the Kremlin, or the White House, or any other palace.

Russia’s continuous protection of the Syrian regime after the recent massacre in the town of Alhoula, where dozens of children were executed, must be a wake up call for the world that this system is beyond corrupt, and beyond tolerable. Russia continues to use its leverage in the security council to block any possible action to protect the Syrian civilians.

Just because Russia wants to secure its military contracts with Assad’s regime, the world should not just stand and watch one massacre after another in Syria. The west is not going to challenge Russia for the sake of the Syrian children. Some government officials in the west are sympathizing with the Syrian people, but their countries can’t afford to go into a military conflict at the moment, especially not a one where Russia and China are on the other side, and they can’t sell this conflict to their voters even if they were able to carry it out.

At the same time, and despite everything that is going on in the Arab world right now, the Syrian conflict is becoming more pressing and central for Arabs. With the Syrian regime being Iran’s ally, the Arab leaders are becoming increasingly irritated with Russia’s arrogance. Turkey is suffering from the consequences of the many refugees that it has to accommodate. Everywhere in the Muslim world, the anger against Syria is mounting, and Muslim youngsters are already talking about joining their fellow Syrians in Jihad against the regime.

The Russian leadership simply cannot be oblivious to all of that. Putin knows that it is exactly this kind of behaviour that caused the attacks of 9/11 on the United States. Bush’s blind and stiff defending of the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians was the main reason why the 9/11 attacks took place, according to all Al-Qaeda leaders, and to most analysts, including CIA officials.

When people are given no peaceful way to address their concerns and their grievances, people get frustrated and commit violent actions.

What this means is that the Russian administration, most likely intentionally, is trying to solicit a terrorist attack against it, in order to distract the public from protesting the controversial presidency of Putin. Just like Bush knew that keeping pressure on the Palestinians, and the Muslim world, at the beginning of his presidency will give him the excuse he needed to invade two strategically important countries for his old oil business.

In other words, in addition to Russia’s strategic interests in Syria, Russia’s cold blooded stance on Alhoula massacre can be explained by internal politics. To make it even more plain, Putin is protecting the killing of children in Syria, so that an angry Muslim can kill some Russians, so that he can enjoy a time of unchallenged rulings, where Russian’s frustration is channeled towards the terrorists, and which will unleash his hand in the country to do whatever is necessary under the excuse of “counter-terrorism” or the Russian version of “the patriot act.” It is an old and disgusting political trick that dates back to Pearl Harbour.

What is at stake now is not just Syria, it is the peace and stability of the whole world. The world cannot continue to be held hostage for the internal politics of the big five. The world cannot do that not only because it is immoral and wrong, but simply because it is no longer tolerable.

Just like Syrian people revolted against a system where they didn’t have a legitimate way to address their issues, and when oppression mounted beyond the ability of people to handle, nations and civilizations will revolt when they can’t take it any more. And the Russian administration is testing that limit right now.

All of this makes amending the United Nation an urgent and important matter in order to maintain world peace. If the United Nations cannot adapt to the world to continue to maintain peace, then there is no point of holding to an organization that only serves as a deterring factor in the path to come up with a better system. If the United Nations becomes a tool that prolong conflicts, and spread war, then it must be abandoned for the same purpose that it was created.

The task of amending the international organization should be led by Muslim countries. If for no other reason, it should be because it is a sin in Islam to be part of an organization that enables war criminals and provide the venue to protect them and legitimize their actions.

Furthermore, Muslims are already misrepresented in the United Nations, and are, in fact, the ones who suffered the most from this sixty year old joke.

For the last six decades, the west was secured with NATO, and Russia and China enjoyed the right of veto, and no one ever touched their rights. If the world is a government, then the five permanent members of the security council are the dictators, who do what they want, to whom they want, how they want it, and it can never be illegal, because they can stop it from becoming so. All their actions are justified, and everything that they are not fine with is simply not going to happen.

If you think about it, why would America or the west produce terrorists if all their rights are preserved, and all their desires and fears are addressed? Why would an American kill himself for his rights, if all his rights are secured, and then some? Why would Russians be terrorists and attack other nations, if nothing can happen in the whole world without Russia’s consent?!

On the other hand, and also for the last 60 years, Muslims are being massacred one nation at a time, and no body seems to care.

Muslims have no right for veto, therefore, they can’t block anything in the Security Council. Muslims have no super powers, and the only country with a nuclear weapon is caught in arming race with 1/5 of world’s population. When Muslims go to Security Council to seek “legitimate” steps to address their concern, they are faced with veto either from America, Russia, or China.

What is left for Muslims? What is left for someone who is looking at his people being killed with cold blood everyday on the TV screen? How can anyone blame a teenager who passes the tipping point and commits a violent act of desparation?

In other words, Muslims’ inability to be properly represented in the UN has generated terrorism, and other problems, that the Muslim world suffers from. It is therefore in the best interest of the Muslim world to be in a system that is more representative of their interests in order to offer a better venue to address these concerns other than violence. This is for the best interest of Muslim countries around the world, and for the best interest of the rest of the world as well.

If the massacre in Alhoula, and this Russian arrogance is not enough to wake up the Muslim world, then nothing is likely to do it. Then Muslims are going to be targeted one nation at a time, one town at a time, and one veto at a time,  and no one is safe. Arab’s pursuit of freedom is now being blocked by Russia, just like it was blocked by the US and other western countries in the past. Russia wants to be the new oppressor in the Middle East, and the go-to-guy for dictators who want to oppress their people and need veto coverage.

After all, it is not even a matter of choice for the Muslim nations around the world to demand a more fair world order, otherwise, when Russia will be demised, hopefully soon, there will be another big country, probably China, that will want to play the veto game with us, in exchange for money. And Muslims will always be legally oppressed, and will only have illegal means to defend themselves.

The current situation is no longer acceptable nor tolerable. Muslim nations should put pressure on their leaders to take a stand now. The world will NEVER be truly free under this system.

The demand is simple: Cancel the right of veto, or walk out of the UN. All Muslim countries, along with all other countries that are oppressed and deprived of their rights under the current system, should walk out of the United Nations, and establish a new organization that is based on fair principles. The concept of “international legitimacy” should be redefined. It must no longer be acceptable for southern countries to be bullied by the rich and the strong. No other solution is viable. In any other scenario the weaker countries of the world, and mainly Arab and Muslim nations,  will be eaten one by one, veto by veto.

If global slavery is no longer an option, and it isn’t, the only alternative is global revolution.

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