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Throughout history, writers have repeatedly testified to the great influence writing have had on their lives and the transformation they went through as a result. From my humble experience in writing I can testify to that fact as well. Since I started blogging in 2008 I have changed, grown, and transformed faster than the previous 30 years of my life combined.

The reason for that transformation is that when we write, we get to see our thoughts in front of us. It’s like extracting our thoughts from our subconscious minds and passing them through our conscious. It helps us be more aware of ourselves, our worldview, and therefore our world.

Despite that, writing is being taught in schools mostly as part of the language learning. Students learn letters, then grammars, and then style and literature. Only in very specialized courses writing is taught as a tool of self-reflection.

I believe this must change.

I believe it will be enormously beneficial for every student in schools to have a blog. I believe that writing for one’s growth is a very uplifting experience. Each student will have a blog where he will be writing about life as he sees it. This will be a blog that will be consistent throughout students’ life, beginning from the time when he learns how to “write”, all the way to university or beyond.

At least two classes a week should be dedicated to discussing the progress of students’ ability to open up and express themselves. The goal of these classes is only to help students to express their thoughts and feelings, and to critique their thoughts and question their worldviews. Teachers should not be giving student a specific subject to write about, as this defies the purpose of this class. Instead, teachers should only try to help students express themselves more openly.

The positive outcomes of this experience, in my view, will be enormous.

First, this will allow students to open up, explore themselves, and critic their thoughts. It will also give students the ability to have their inner thoughts examined and critiqued by their peers and their teachers. This will offer the opportunity to address any misconceptions youngsters might have.

Secondly, having this ‘registry’ of their lives will allow students, as adults, to better understand their childhood, and the process of their mental growth. This will have great impacts on the psychological wellbeing of students, and of society.

Third, it will prepare students to be more active and outspoken members of society.

Fourth, learning how to be outspoken and practicing criticism, and being criticized, will have the byproduct of making upcoming generations more aware of the importance of practicing freedom of speech, and at the same time, more aware of the responsibility that comes with it. If these students are going to grow up to use freedom of speech, then it is part of the responsibility of the educational system to show them how to use it. After all, it is ironic that wherever there is freedom of expression, there is a silent majority!

Fifth, it will give us valuable feedback on our educational system from those who are undergoing it, not only those who are implementing it.

Last but not least, it will provide society with fresh ideas about social values and global challenges from humans, who have not yet been processed completely by the educational system that imposes the already established worldview by society and requires upcoming generations to think exclusively within its limits. In other words, it will provide society as a whole with a tool for self reflection, and this will enable us to be more vigilant and more aware as a society.

This idea came to me as I was writing a blog post about being an introvert and how blogging have influenced me. I am saying this because I want you to know that when we write we often surprise ourselves with what we can discover deep within ourselves if we are just to unleash our creativity. This is yet another aspect of the ‘magic’ that is writing. Let’s all write.


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