Types of isolation

I was thinking about the fact that only few people that I knew from Ukraine are on my Facebook account. The truth is, people in that part of the world have their own version of the internet, and it’s called “Runet”. It is a set of always expanding websites in Russian language that are designed to replicate western social media websites, search engines, email hosts … etc. People there have “Odnoklassniki” instead of Facebook. The word Odnoklassniki literally means “Classmates”.

Instead of Google or Yahoo, they have Yandex, and instead of Hotmail they have mail.ru.

I wondered for a moment if this was just another form of mass control perpetrated by the underground authorities of the new Russian Federation! That thought led me to another notion, which is the fact that due to an actual linguistic barrier, people in the ex-Soviet Union find it easy to use the Russian versions of websites. This tendency created a form of isolation from the outside world, and it continues to reduce the mutual interactions between the two.

Then I remembered China, another country where media, and internet, are strictly controlled by the state. It is also another country where language barriers play big role in its isolation. All of these serve to maintain an ideological isolation that is imposed by the interpretation of one party for the vision of one individual!

In the Arab world, where I used to live, we had different kind of isolation. We are close-minded by the traditions that we want to follow, and the image that we expect to portray to each other. Our inability to distinguish between what is good and what is bad in our behavior is entrapping us in this state of traditional paralyzes. We lack the habits of a successful nation, and yet, it is socially accepted to be like that. We have been lagging behind, culturally, for the last few hundred years because we were entrapped in our ignorance and our influence on each other.

In the west, where I live now, people are isolated by the thought that they know enough, because they confuse their knowledge of life with their knowledge of the others, and they subconsciously forgive themselves that ignorance because they “know other stuff”.

In other words, it is the self image of the west as the “first world” that is causing it to isolate itself from the rest of the world, and demand that the rest of the world understand it instead of taking the effort to understand others.

There must be many other forms of isolation that nations or groups have. It is bizarre to witness how groups of humans are being isolated from each other with different kinds of lines, and are then put in conflict with each other!

If you would think about it, why would a factory worker in China or in Russia want to empower a weapon industry that is supporting a criminal dictator in Syria, and make the weapons that will kill an innocent factory worker or farmer in that distant part of the world? Why would those two people be put in front of each other, if they, individually, have nothing against each other? How is it that we can live with ourselves while witnessing a regime making it impossible for that innocent Chinese worker to survive if he does not produce the bullet that will kill the innocent Syrian worker? In both of these cases the workers are oppressed. They are both entrapped in that circle, and it is our responsibility as free humans to help them out of it, simply because they physically cannot do it by themselves.

I guess what I want to say is that in order for the world to be really free there shouldn’t be any people deprived of their freedom, anywhere. You can’t have freedom and live freely and safely when someone else’s freedom is violated, because the one who is violating the freedom of others will use them to take your freedom as well.  The only way to be really free is to liberate your fellow human.

Humans are one nation, under one God, these are two concepts that are at the core of the Islamic worldview, and I deeply believe in them. We are not free as long as any human is enslaved. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be a Muslim to appreciate this worldview. It is as natural as breathing.

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