West, Islam, and guardians of ignorance

Since the dawn of time, ignorance was one of the best tools to control and manipulate people. Throughout the course of history, this control was practiced in different ways, but the concept always remained the same – Controlling what people know allows you to control them. In the medieval ages the church used to burn the books of blasphemers. In many cases their authors were also burned. Nowadays, with the revolution in communication that we are witnessing, it became almost impossible to suppress information. A new strategy emerged to maintain ignorance – noise.

The new style is based on the concept of burying the truth under a huge pile of lies, misconceptions, and misinterpretations to the extent that makes it difficult to find the truth. Guarding people’s ignorance and channeling their opinion for someone’s interest is becoming an industry, and ignorance is a very lucrative commodity. In the face of the liberation of information that the internet is offering, maintaining ignorance is becoming increasingly difficult. However, those who have been benefitting from it are using all their tools, and all their fortunes that they made from it, to protect it.

As a Muslim, I spent a big part of the last decade fighting misconceptions about my religion. Unfortunately, hatred to Islam proved to be of great benefit for many otherwise ideologically bankrupt politicians, greedy oil barons and weapon manufacturers, and superpowers with expansionist agendas. There are political parties that won majorities in their countries’ parliament by propagating Islamophobia and pretending to be the only force capable of standing against Islam. Parties like this will do everything they can to stop any attempts to correct misconceptions about Islam, mainly because people’ ignorance of Islam is their bread and butter. These parties are like a magician who is living of his illusions, and is, therefore, protecting it with all its power, because if people will know what lies behind it, he will lose his job!

Let’s try to put things in their right context for a minute, and see where the problem really is. 1.5 billion People on this planet are being mistreated, isolated, accused, and discriminated against out of ignorance. Those who claim to be living in the “free world” are being blindfolded and dragged into one conflict after another for no benefit to anyone except for a very small group of conflict profiteers.

How can’t the west see that it is being fooled to practice against Muslims everything that Muslims are being accused of?! They accuse Islam of being violent and they commit violence against Muslim countries, or are protecting those who commit violence against Muslims. They accuse Islam of being suppressive of people’s freedoms, specifically to women, while they implement laws to force Muslims women to wear what they want them to wear! They accuse Islam of being sexually suppressive while criminalizing polygamy. They accuse Islam of being intolerant and using this to practice intolerance against Muslims!

This nonsense needs to stop.

If roughly 1/5 of the world population will continue to ignore the injustice it is doing to the other 1/5 of world’s population, this world will NEVER be in peace. Only war lords benefit from a world with no peace.

Nations of the west need to understand that there are people who are fueling their ignorance about Islam and banking on it. They need to know that behind the attempts to burn Qurans, and boycott TV shows that attempt to de-stereotype Muslims there is a strategy that is designed to guard that ignorance. Those who are living of this ignorance are trying to protect it, just like any businessman protects his business establishment.

It is in the best interest of the west to accept Muslims and Islam. For its own growth as a civilization, the west needs to overcome its Islamophobia. It is in the best interest of the citizens of the west to tear down this wall of intimidation that is being built around it.

The truth is, Muslims are here, and will always be. They will not go anywhere, and they will not all convert to another religion to please some extremists in the west. Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion, and it is the faith of one in every five humans on this planet. Fighting Islam is like declaring war against the sea – you can cause a miss, a noise, and annoy and maybe even hurt yourself and many people around you, but you will never win this war. Just take a look at history and you will see what happened to every invader who flirted with this thought. Take a look at the events of the last century, and see how colonizing empires failed to subjugate Muslim countries after having conquered and destroyed the civilizations on three continents. Killing just doesn’t work with Muslims. Take a look at the news today. Palestinians are being massacred everyday for the last 60 years by the terrorist state of Israel. It doesn’t work. We saw it in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we are seeing it now in Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia – killing is just not going to work with them, so why keep doing it?

Of course there are those who believe they can use “soft power” to change the Muslim world, but this will all go in vain. We’ve all witnessed the recent victories that Islamic parties scored in the newly liberated Arab countries. It shows that one hundred years of subjugation could not take away the strongest pillar in the lives of Arabs – Islam.

For more than a century, Islam was being systematically isolated from the political life in the Arab world. It was fought in schools, in media, in streets, in universities, and even in history books, but it didn’t go away. As soon as they got the chance to choose, Islam came back as the way they express themselves. There is a very simple reason for that, Arabs are predominantly Muslims. They have different history than the west, and they have different experiences with religion than the west had.

There are two ways to end this unreasonable conflict. The first is to kill all the Muslims in the world. The second is for the west to realize that there is no need for this conflict in the first place. The first is wrong and impossible. The second is right and very easy.

The only way to defeat terrorism is to stop being terrorized. When that will happen, and when people will be able to look objectively to Islam and learn what it truly is, they will discover that it is the religion of peace, true freedom, and harmony. They will find that they have more in common with Islam than the minor differences that were exaggerated and misrepresented images of Islam. And when they will do that, they will know for fact who was guarding their ignorance, and who was using them for his own interest and gain. This will help them gain their true freedoms in many other aspects of their lives as well.

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