The wrong revolution?

Protesters in Occupy Wall Street Movement. (Photo by Adrian Kinloch).

After having consumed the majority of earth’s natural resources, having polluted the air, the sea, the land, and the space around our planet, having plagued generations with diseases caused by nuclear bombs and other dirty weapons, having genetically changed fruits, vegetables, and animals, and after having killed millions of people in avoidable wars, all for the sake of money, world’s economic system is collapsing.

The financial institutions of the world have been inventing imaginary profits for decades out of interest on money that does not exist, and the system was fine as long as this illusion was sold to people, and as long as no one demanded their money back. As soon as the size of the actual money needed exceeded the size of the money existing, and people started to demand their money back from these fictional stocks, they discovered that there isn’t enough money for everyone. And so now nations have to suffer to come up with the amount of money that the financial institutions have imagined for all of these years, in order for this system to continue to function in the way that it was functioning, and imagining yet more money until another meltdown happens.

Our planet is filled with natural resources that can allow everyone to live in abundance. If we were to use these resources wisely we would end up all fed, all warm, all educated and all healthy, and we would be able to live in peace and harmony. But so far we didn’t do that. We have been manipulated by a small group of people to become parts in their blind greed machine that is eating everything, and trashing the planet we live in, therefore, compromising our lives, and the lives of future generations.

Less than 1% of world’s population are benefiting from this system on the short term. The remaining 99% are suffering. All the 100% of this planet’s residents are suffering on the long term. So is it worth it?

That 1% of world’s population owns enough money to end all the hunger, preventable diseases, and ignorance in the world. They own more money than they could ever spend in their lifetimes and they refuse to share a small portion of it with those who will otherwise die! They can still own enough for them, for their children, and for many generations of their grand children to live wealthy and luxurious lives. But it just doesn’t make sense to own more money than could be consumed until the economy of the country that issued that currency will seas to exist!

American billionaires own more money than their children can spend until America will disappear as a country, and the same is true for many billionaires around the world.

The other side of this inflated “number” that will never be used is billions of real people dying of hunger, of bombs in preventable wars, or of preventable diseases. The result is continuous pollution, ignorance and instability for all the residents of this planet.

The problem we are facing now is not the lack of wealth; the problem is in its distribution. No one wants to deprive these people of their fortune. If they earned it then they have the right to enjoy it. But money as an invention, as a value, is a product of society’s labor; it gets its value from the economy that everyone contributes to, therefore, society have the right to regulate how this money should be recycled in a fair way to ensure the proper functioning of economy, and to guarantee a dignified life for all residents of that society.

One must be at least a fool to not see that there is something fundamentally wrong with how the world is [miss]functioning. The truth that is clearer than the sun is that this system can no longer be corrected. It needs to be replaced. And if all those demonstrating in many cities in the US, in Canada, in Europe, and in other parts of the world will not demand fundamental change, then they will be wasting their time on nothing. It would be like a nation making a revolution to overthrow a post man!

Instead of demanding small time changes, people should aim for the reform that can guarantee their long term liberation from this blinded greed.

One of the basic demands should be Zakat, which is an annual “purification” of fortune in the form of 2.5% tax paid for any unused funds for a whole year. This money will be allocated to the poor parts of society. This can guarantee long term prosperity for human kind, and will allow money to circulate and be recycled back to the bottom without subjugating politicians and nations to the conditions of giant corporations.

In developed countries however, one of the key areas where this revenue should be allocated to is providing an alternative financing to the media. Under the current system consumers fund the media by the added value of advertisements on the products they buy. People pay, but have no say. Corporations dictate the rules for the media, and they use it to distract people from their reality, or use them to launch wars for profit.

The new system will flip this equation, and make corporations pay for the media, while people guaranteeing its impartiality. It will liberate media from the influence of corporations, and allow it to take back its role as the guarantee of public vigilance, and the guardian of their interests. This will reduce corporate ability to manipulate public opinion, and will make claiming future victories easier by allowing more people to be informed and engaged in demanding justice and their basic rights.  If this will happen, it will be a great achievement for the “western spring”.

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