The unlearned lessons of 9/11

Much worse than learning nothing at all is to learn the wrong lesson. 10 years after the beginning of the war on terror, many of us are still dipped into the illusion that we were fed when we were in a state of shock, before being dragged quickly into an inter-civilization war that has transformed our world into a tragedy.

This illusion was sealed when the Bush administration launched a war against an abstract concept; one that will continue to justify their greed for more oil-rich lands, and more money for their fellows, military manufacturers.

Small wars are quick if you have this military power. And a single war against a single country will not last long enough. That is why a new concept was adopted. First, it is war with a whole civilization that amounts to 1/5 of world’s population, so it’s even bigger than the first and the second world wars. And second, it is not “War on Al-Qaeda and Taliban” it is “War on terror” and terror is intangible. There will never be a day when this “terror” will be imprisoned or killed. It will never be “defeated” in the concept that we are being sold. The only way to defeat terror is to stop being frightened by it.

There will always be bad people in the world to be called terrorists. But starting an open ended war before first clearly understanding what we should defeat is definitely not the right way to address this issue.

A small group of influential people are creating a fear in the world’s strongest nation. They are investing in another small group of Muslim extremists to fuel this fear, and they are banking on these investments. I have no doubt in my mind that when there will be a Republican president in the White House, there will be another armed conflict in the world involving the US military. Just in the last week we heard both Bush and Blair saying that this war is far from the end. They are not far away yet; they can still come back anytime.

For the American people to say that they have learned from these 10 tough years they should first define terror, and then defeat it. Those who are creating terror should be clearly identified, and then justly prosecuted.

Instead of doing that, the 9/11 attack is being transformed into one more incident of history that is engulfed in holiness, to prevent people from knowing the truth of who is behind it, and what really happened in it.

If we will think about it objectively, we will see that the holiness of this incident is derived from those who lost their lives in these attacks; and the best way to pay respect to them is to find the real answer to their stories, and bring closures to them, so they can rest in peace.

This is a very important lesson that is yet to be learnt.

Have we learned the truth? I don’t think so. Instead, we have learned to surrender to our fear, to give in to those who want us to act based on our fear, not on our enlightened judgment like brave confident people. We have learned to fear each other, to fear to ask questions, and to fear to even question our fear.

I will not go as far as saying that the United States of America is ruled by fear like any other dictatorship in the world. I would just say that it is struggling against surrendering to it. That is why the silent majority of people in America moved to restore sanity in the White House, which brought four years of peace to America.

But this battle is not over yet, and these guys are now with experience.

The US is now heading to another election, one that the Republican Party is aggressively aiming for. They don’t want to “waste” another four years of peace, not with all the “action” that is taking place in the Middle East right now. They want back and they want back quickly. And they have been working for this for a long time, and on several levels.

Following the defeat of the republicans in the last presidential elections, the party decided to “reassess” it’s policies, and find out why it is no longer “selling.” They soon came back with a new brand, “The Tea Party”, an extremist version of the Republican Party that can scare Americans of the world even more, and mobilize them to do even more aggression against other “oil-rich” countries. This new approach proved successful in the congressional elections, and it is now being adapted for the 2012 presidential elections.

They have done it once before, and they will do it again if the American people will not understand that simply electing a ‘right’ president is not the magic wind. Obama is a single person, who, in best case scenario, underestimated the power of those whose plans were interrupted by his “change.” He has already given up a lot of what he came to do, and if he will lose this time, the US will be in for very scary times.

Starting a war with any country is not difficult. Many US administrations have done that in the past. The idea is simple: “Just press hard enough on someone to provoke a reaction, and then sell the war to the (already frightened) American people as self defense.” It’s not difficult. Even I can do it if I will be a president with no moral code whatsoever.

I believe it is a right moment for the American people to ask themselves whether or not they have learned the right lesson from the past decade. And I believe the next presidential elections, is when they will give us their answer to that question.

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