Islamophobia – another system failure

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The world is plagued with Islamophobia. It’s just one more manifestation of humanity’s unnatural way of life; something in the category of pollution, wars, poverty, diseases, or hunger. Islamophobia is not only one of the main symptoms of this ailed world order, but might also be one of the main reasons for it.

Muslims around the world are being discriminated against on a daily bases. France is coming out of the closet and banning Muslim prayer. Netherland is going to ban the Niqab. Russia has been propagating an Islamophobic version of the Arab spring, and continues to support the Syrian regime against “extremists”. Last but not least, in the US, where a recent report revealed the roots of Islamophobia, the US administration is moving to veto a Palestinian statehood request in the Security Council.

Other than a minority of truly enlightened people in the west, the mainstream image of Islam is created by those who are profiting from selling fear on media, backed by those who are banking on the conflict between the Muslim world and the west through their oil and military industries’ corporations.

This world order is no longer acceptable. It has ruined the environment, the economy, and put people against each other. It needs to be changed fundamentally, and it needs to be changed now.
That who leads a united world should be an example of tolerance, enlightenment, and fairness. Anything less than that is not good enough. If western societies will take an objective look at Islam, they will find that it is indeed holding the answers to all of our modern day dilemmas. From abortion to financial reforms, and the relations between cultures and civilizations, it gives all the much needed answers that the western model of life is failing to resolve.

It might very well be the case that the reason why Islam is being targeted in such a clear way is because it holds the cure for the miseries of our world, and can liberate it from those who control it.

Back when the church controlled Europe, they were accusing people who protest against the church’s belief of blasphemy and burning them. Now western nations are reliving this era. They don’t want you to know the truth. Only this time, it’s not the church, but mega corporations and war profiteers, and they have better tools and other tactics, but the principle remains the same – scare people of their freedom and you can keep them controlled forever.

Isn’t it a weird coincidence that the trimming of liberties in the western societies is taking a trend that is almost identical to the rise of Islamophobia?! Of course that also allows them to use you in fighting your freedom, and to try to silence and intimidate everyone who dares to challenge the status qou.

If Islam was a man, he would tell the west “Won’t you please stop beating me and just listen to what I want to say, and after that if you still want a fight then suit yourself!”

One of the reasons for Islamophobia is ignorance. But the biggest one is the deliberately created piles of lies about Islam. It is such a loud noise that it simply prevents even those who sincerely want to learn from being able to filter it properly, and know what actually makes sense and what doesn’t. You are given a version of event, and before you can even question it, you are given an ‘update’ on it, backed by an ‘analyses’, from an ‘expert’, and then another update … etc.

At the beginning of Islam there were some Jews in Al-Medina who told each other to pretend to convert to Islam, and then announce to convert back so that people hearing about this new religion will also hear that some of  its followers are dropping off and leaving it. They hoped this will make people think that it must be bad! That’s how devilish some of the propaganda that was used to keep people away from the truth! This is still going on, with a different face, today.

Yes, Muslims around the world have a responsibility to better reflect their religion to the world, and explain how it can save the world a lot of miseries and pain. They should avoid falling in the trap of extremism. But at the same time, the western world should rise up to its responsibility, open its mind, and understand the real Islam as it is. Not the distorted version of it that the few Muslim extremists see, and not the even more distorted version of how that is depicted to western viewers!

Before adopting an Islamophobic worldview, western nations like France, Netherland, Switzerland and others in the “First world” should be enlightened enough to know exactly what are they afraid of, or what are they waging a war against.

How will it hurt France if Muslims will pray in the streets of Paris? It’s just prayer!! Will they change the view that the people of France have about their country? Can the French government describe that view in a way that does not contradict the basic values of the republic “Liberté-Égalité-Fraternité”? If they can’t, then they might as well change it to something like “Christian- White – Hypocrite”! It will be much more accurate than this one!

This disease must stop. The world cannot continue to function with it. We, the biggest two religious groups in the world, should come to peace with each other in order to address all the other major challenges that we face as humanity. As long as the western world is afraid of Islam, and continues to refuse to listen objectively to it, the world will continue its steep slide down this horrific cliff.

The first step to solving any problem is to acknowledge its existence. Is there Islamophobia in the west? Yes. Is it a huge and urgent problem? Yes. So, could you please man up and face it like the enlightened people you claim to be? If you can’t, then just admit that you can’t and listen to the voice of reason. You can see how this world order is destroying everything, and is not sustainable in any front. If that’s the maximum tolerance you can bring to the world, then excuse me, that’s not good enough. It is falling short of what this new world requires in this era of global connection.  In that case you might want to step aside and let someone else show you how tolerant the world can be. Don’t sit in the driver’s seat and sleep! Either wake up and stop this madness or leave the wheel to someone else!

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