Before waving the Veto!

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The secretary of state Hillary Clinton declared another flagrant biased statement in regard to the long-standing issue between the Palestinians and Israelis. One more time, another US administration fails to understand the significance of this bias on the relations between America, as a leader of the “free world”, and the Muslim world. Therefore, the great impact this bias has on peace in the whole world.

The reason why this conflict between civilizations is going on, and the reason why everyone is going mad with Islamophobia (example: France banning French Muslims to pray in streets!) is because the west still fails to understand its unfair position about Palestine. The world peace and harmony will never be achieved unless one of two options happens: 1) Muslims give up on their rights, only to be asked to give up on another one. 2) The west understands that it is still doing injustice to us, and stops this unfairness.

We, as Muslim nations mostly live in developing nations. But thanks to some appreciated help from some western nations, we are liberating ourselves from our dictators. We are thankful for the west for helping us to join the league of free nations, but as free nations, we will not accept to be treated unjustly.

It might be a matter of destiny that Obama gives his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, and Cairo returns the greeting to Obama, by becoming one of the leading liberated capitals. Now, we need to become partners, equal partners, and for this partnership to work, we need to be respected.

The Arab world is rising as free nations, and we gently ask you to show some respect, and to behave in accordance to the code of free people, and be fair to our Palestinian brothers. We are not perfect, but with your help we can become better, we can understand your lifestyle, and take too much from you, but we can also give you something, and we deserve to be heard and understood, and not treated like this.

The key to understand the worldview of 1.4 billion Muslims on this planet is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a shame that someone wouldn’t spend a little time to understand so much people. It’s insistence on ignorance. This ignorance is causing unfairness, and this unfairness is compromising the whole world peace. Who does not want peace? In Islam, when we see each other we say “Alsalamu Aleikum”, which means “peace be upon you”. How can we not want peace?!!!!

But for that peace to happen, the US, and the west need to reassess their unfairness in denying Palestenians any justice whatsoever. That’s the point they refuse to understand, and that’s what is causing 90% of unrest in the world. If we can agree to stop these unrests, then we can all get busy solving the rest 10%, and it wont be that difficult to do that. World peace is achievable.

Clinton argues that the road to peace is through “direct negotiations”, specifiying that it goes “through Jerusalem and [then] Ramallah”. That’s the only thing they can offer – ‘talks’! They couldn’t even stop Israel from building settlements when they wanted to. And that means, for those who don’t know,  that basically they failed to stop Israel from building the country on the boundries that it chooses, unilaterally. And they want the Arabs to continue “talking” to them, while Israel is digging its way into the Palestenian lands with high Ghetto walls that are built around the helpless Palestenians, and American-tax-payer-funded settlement “expansions”!

And we are expected to settle for words!

Yes Mrs Clinton, I understand that you might have used to Arabs who settle for words, but the thing is, those “Arabs” did not represent their people!

For the sake of Jesus people, the Muslim world has been trying to tell you something for the last 60 years, and you continue to fail to listen! You are treating us unfairly, that is why many people react to this, each in his own way. Osama Bin Laden thought that sending jets into buildings is the right way to do that. I disagree with him completely. I believe that this blog is the right way to get the message to you, and I will continue to hope that you would understand.

To be fair though, I personally don’t believe that the road to peace is through New York eather. I am not that optimist. I believe the road to a Palestenian state is through Cairo, Tunisia, Tripoli, Damascus, Sana’, and what follows, In Sha’ Allah (if Allah is willing). That’s where I believe this issue will ultimately be resolved. But for the sake of justice, for your own history, and for those in the Middle East who still believe this can be done, allow the Palestenians to have a state of their own.

Lastly, if I might, Madam Clinton, allow me to remind you of something you said few months ago: “Those, who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” Think about that before you wave your veto.

Have a good weekend.

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