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The Arab summer

Walking the delicate line between freedom and democracy The Arab summer is not meant to indicate the end of Arab revolutions. It is rather the hard time that comes ahead for the liberated Arab nations to set their countries in the right tracks. It is the immense task they now face to equip themselves properly […]

Islamophobia – another system failure

The world is plagued with Islamophobia. It’s just one more manifestation of humanity’s unnatural way of life; something in the category of pollution, wars, poverty, diseases, or hunger. Islamophobia is not only one of the main symptoms of this ailed world order, but might also be one of the main reasons for it. Muslims around […]

Before waving the Veto!

The secretary of state Hillary Clinton declared another flagrant biased statement in regard to the long-standing issue between the Palestinians and Israelis. One more time, another US administration fails to understand the significance of this bias on the relations between America, as a leader of the “free world”, and the Muslim world. Therefore, the great […]

Media reform

A few days ago, I wrote a post about how we can use “Zakat” to get the world out of its current financial miseries. Zakat is basically the Islamic version of tax, which is a 2.5% of any sum of money that a person owned, but did not use, for the whole year. It can […]

The unlearned lessons of 9/11

Much worse than learning nothing at all is to learn the wrong lesson. 10 years after the beginning of the war on terror, many of us are still dipped into the illusion that we were fed when we were in a state of shock, before being dragged quickly into an inter-civilization war that has transformed […]