The evils of “political radiation”

How many times did we hear a story about an honest person who went into politics to put things back onto the right track, only to discover few years later that this person was also corrupted?! It happens all the time. Even if we were to give politicians the benefit of doubt, and assume that they went in for the right reason, they still turn out to be blood-sucking, ruthless, murderers and profiteers eventually.

The duration of time that a person spends in power is directly proportional to the amount of damage politics have on his personality. This is why in many countries presidents cannot run for more than two terms. This is also why we saw the Libyan leader, Colonel Gaddafi, calling himself ‘The Glory’, ‘The History’, ‘The dignity’ among other names, after ruling the country for over 40 years!

Not only for the sake of politicians, but also for the sake of people, it is extremely important that a human being should not be subjected to a prolonged times in politics, otherwise, his psyche might end up being severely damaged.

Think about it as those X-ray technicians who run to the isolated room whenever they want to turn on the scanning device. It’s harmful for them not for the patient, because they are around it every day, while the patient is only there once. It is the prolonged exposure itself that is dangerous.

Just like with radiation, politics have its own hazards as well. In the circuits where nationwide decisions are made, people are exposed to all kinds of temptations all the time. Some of these temptations come from corporations; others from political parties. And some come from the very feeling of being powerful and immune.

Call me naïve or dreamy, but I believe that when a person feels different from the people who elected him, he can’t be an accurate representative for them. Politicians often lie and do all sorts of unethical schemes to stay in office. Their power becomes the only thing they are serving, and they become willing to sacrifice anything, including the interest of those who elected them, if this conflicts with their chances of retaining this power. And this conflict often occurs!

It makes all the sense in the world then to say that politicians are better used fresh. When they have just emerged from within people, and they still have the compassion for their fellow citizens, and the touch of what they feel, and what are their concerns. Because later on, they get so much into the ‘game’ of politics, that they forget about those they are ‘playing’ for and start to play for themselves.

That is why it would definitely be prudent to set a time limit not only for a person to be president, but also for everyone who works in politics. A Political Involvement Limit (PIL) should be set by democratic societies to protect the nation by protecting their members who are exposed to this ‘evil’.

This way people will arrive to politics with fresh perspective and clear objectives that they can pursue before being corrupted by power, and before they can be blackmailed by those who know about their wrongdoings to do even worse wrongdoings in order to stay in office. After this short ‘service time’, people can go back to their previous job, and live the rest of their lives like a normal person. And this will give them yet another reason to work hard for the benefit of citizens while they are in office, because they know that eventually they will join them! Think about it like some sort of obligatory military service, or jury duty.

The only problem with this module is that it cannot be implemented using the systems that exist right now, because politicians will simply not agree to vote for a legislation that will end their ‘careers’ like that. This system should be implemented from outside the parliaments, either by direct public pressure, or by believers who will run for office and change the system from within before being infected with its evils; although the first option sounds much easier.

Either way, this can be done, and is definitely worth trying because it can’t produce anything worse than the systems in place now.

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