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The Jihad of NATO

There were some voices over the last two days in the west that were concerned of whether the operation Odyssey Dawn will be viewed as another attack on an Islamic country. Specifically in the US, there seems to be fear of being viewed as launching a third war in the Muslim world. Of course, the […]

Arabian lessons for Afghanistan

Over the last three months or so, we heard the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly saying that “violence is not the right way to resolve issues” and “we urge all parties involved to practice maximum restraint” and “ … is so out of touch with his people”, and all of those ‘vacation responses’ from […]

No end in sight

One more time, the 50 year old misery of over 100,000 people is handled with the utmost disregard and indifference by the members of Kuwaiti National Assembly. Another long awaited session, that was supposed to bring legislations aimed to grant the Bedoon population of Kuwait their basic human and civil rights was postponed, “for lack […]

The ugly face of Russia

In a recent statement, the last secretary general of the communist party of the Soviet Union, Michael Gorbachev, described the Russian rulers of being ‘arrogant’. I am not a communist, nor do I have any special place in my heart for Gorbachev, or for what he represents, but I completely agree with him on this […]