The power of illusion … at least!

Even if we are going to be optimists, and a little bit naïve, and believe what Mubarak was saying today in his interview with ABC, it is still an indication of the way this man sees Egypt. He told Christiane Amanpour that he wants to step down, but ‘he is afraid that Egypt will fall into chaos, or that the Muslim brotherhood will take control of the country’. Though I am sure he is lying, and that he himself knows that he is lying, I will answer his claims assuming that he isn’t.

When a man is so distant from his people, when a man is so shameless to cling to power like this, gives a justification like this, it is a clear indication for two fundaments in the way he thinks. First, this means that he thinks of Egypt as his own property, not as a country that belongs to the Egyptian people. He is speaking as if this is something his, like his car, that he doesn’t want them to ruin. “Alright, I will keep driving until the next town and then I will allow you to drive” when all that’s needed is “stop the car and get out right now”.

We have to understand here the limits of this man’s mind. Being a dictator for 30 years, and hearing nothing but how great a person is, and silencing with an iron fest any criticism, even the sincerest ones, can really miss with a person’s mind.

Imagine spending three decades hearing that you are the one and only, that you are the wise one, that every word you utter is the pure wisdom, and that you are the savior, and the hero, and the god, how much do you think this will affect your ability to consider anyone else’s point of view to have the potential to be right if you don’t agree with it? It’s devastating. It’s like being a spoiled child for 80 years, and then suddenly hearing the word “NO”.

The interview of Mubarak today, and all the things that he said (again, if they are true) have another important indication in them. They mean that he simply doesn’t respect the Egyptian people. If he thinks that he is the only ‘thing’ that is capable of maintaining peace and stability in a country of more than 80 million people, this is sick! But that’s what he thinks. He believes that no one in Egypt, or even the whole sum of the minds of the whole Egyptian population is incapable of achieving the ‘greatness’ of leadership that he believes he has.

We are talking here about a man who is (in the best scenario) suffering from severe form of denial and narcissism. At the worst case, which is what I am inclined to, we are dealing with an ego-maniac who is ready to burn the whole nation just because they dared to challenge him.

I wrote this yesterday in a tweet, but I guess it worth mentioning it again – I hope now the US and EU understand what kind of ‘allies’ they have in this region. Thankfully, they have understood that now, and they have changed their positions, which is a very commendable. I hope next time they will understand that before it’s too late though. I also hope the rest of the world now understands who is causing this area to be classified as a part of the third world.

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