Libya: the addicts and dinosaurs!

The events in Libya took even the most pessimistic of people by surprise. I am talking about both, those who were pessimistic about how atrocious can a dictator be; and those who thought that politicians cannot possibly go lower. Unfortunately for Libyans, reality proved to be much worse than our worst imaginations.

People say that addicts do horrible things for the sake of getting their fix of narcotics. They steal, sell their bodies or even kill for the sake of drugs, abandoning any sense of humanity, compassion, or dignity in this lowest state of ‘human’ existence.

I am not talking here about the laughable accusations of Gaddafi for the Libyan protesters. I am talking about the new bottom that western politicians hit for the sake of their oil fix! It is a truly historically shameful silence that is dominating the international scene nowadays despite the reports about the horrible atrocities that the Libyan regime is carrying out against his people. With the exception of the United Kingdom, the rest of the western hemisphere governments are cowardly dipping their heads in the sand and keeping their mouths shut about the Libyan dictator’s slaughtering of his own people, for the sake of oil!

I have always thought that politicians are low lives. “A nudge below child molesters” as Woody Allen beautifully put it. But honest to God, I did not think that buying the silence of almost the whole world would be that cheap!!!

Indeed oil addiction has taken the political leaders of the west to a new level of descent, compromising the basic values of freedom and human rights that their nations believe in for the hope of keeping their oil fix coming in. I don’t even want to begin talking about the lack of prudence in this wrong bet, and how their silence can by itself cause them to lose what they are being silent to keep.

I want you to think of this ‘undeclared cost’ of fossil fuel usage next time when the world leaders will evaluate the financial cost of shifting to renewable sources of energy. Even if you are not one of those who ‘calculate’ the moral cost, just think about this vulnerability that this dependence, nay addition, on oil is creating for the west, and how easily it can be prevented by shifting to renewable energy sources. These are indeed addicts that need to be cured.

Now let’s talk about the dinosaurs. I am talking here about the aging dictators and their regimes in this part of the world who went out of touch not only with their nations, but with reality as a whole.

The crisis in Libya allowed us to see yet a third example of how completely blind these dictators can be. It appears to be that, for some reason, a dictator who rules a country with an iron fist, and without any tangible opposition for a long period of time, ends up believing that he owns the country. Furthermore, they seem to believe that they have impersonated the country, and that the whole country is summoned in them, in their physical existence, in their bodies, and in their presence!

As a result, it becomes almost impossible for them to detach themselves from the state, or to view the country as an entity that is separate from them!

The last thing that amazed me about this revolution is that it is the third time that we witness a dictator who literally can’t communicate in any language other than that of blind force that they used for decades to suppress their nations. It is becoming pathetic to see time and time again a dictator who fails to understand that if people are no longer intimidated by his most powerful tools of force, then, the more force he uses, the more reasons he gives people to topple him, and the more determined they get to defeat him.

It is really one thing to see this happening the first time in Tunis, it was somewhat weird to see it repeating in Egypt. But now it’s really getting ridiculous! I mean don’t these dinosaurs watch television?!

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