Anti American sentiment?!

Hillary Clinton is calling for the government of Pakistan to stop promoting the anti-American sentiment in Lahore. That is in the city where an American embassy worker shot and killed two Pakistani civilians, one of them in the back, and then claimed that he was doing that in ‘self defense’!

I am assuming that not too far from there the American fighter jets repeatedly bombarded civilian Pakistani population because they assumed some extremists where among them. The ‘intelligence’ that led to these bombardments are probably as good as those that got the US forces in Afghanistan to bomb several Afghani wedding parties, killing dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of civilians also for suspicions of terrorism activities! If you think about it, the ‘intelligence’ is right, it probably goes like this: Wedding = marriage = sex = kids = more Afghani people = more terrorists!

Ironically, the statement of the American secretary of state comes in the same day when the US vetoed against a Security Council resolution that would’ve otherwise been a unanimous international consensus that considers the illegal Israeli settlements in the west bank illegal! The US came out afterwards to say that it does indeed think that these settlements are illegal, but voted against it for the sake of keeping the ‘peace process’ uncomplicated. In other words, they simply did that for the sake of the beautiful eyes of Israel.

I don’t know what is more pathetic here, the fact that the US administration cannot force (or at least talk) Israel into freezing the settlements in the Palestinian territories, or the fact that it cannot even withhold from using the right to veto a decision against the interest of Israel, even if it comes in line with its own demands!

After all of that, the American secretary of state’s comes out and asks the Pakistani government to perform the miracle of stopping the anti-American sentiment in Pakistan! OH MY GOD! It’s like someone who is taking a gun, and shooting himself in the head, while demanding from other people to ‘keep him safe’!!!!!

The American foreign policy alone is responsible for spreading the anti- American sentiment in the world. Just think about how many years have passed, while the American people were waking up and going to work, assuming that the US is supporting freedom and democracy in the world. While the truth is, over the last two months alone, they (the American people) have learned the hard way, what kind of rotten dictators their foreign policy have been fostering around the world, and what kind of evil deeds they were involved in.

Not everyone in the world is knowledgeable enough to distinguish between the peaceful nature of the American people and the hypocritical and inhumane deeds of their administrations. Many people think that because America is a democratic country, then what the American administrations do reflects the well of the American people. Call me naïve, but I don’t think so! I think that the American people are peace-loving and compassionate people, who once given the true picture about what’s happening in the world, will undoubtedly, show a strong stance in the side of justice and freedom.

It is therefore, up to the American people to begin holding their administrations accountable for the image they spread about America around the world. The American administrations are forcing the world to have a negative image about America, and it is in the interest of the American people to stop this process from going on, so that they can have truly peaceful relations with the rest of the nations of the world. Relations that are truly based on mutual respect and understanding, unlike what politicians rant about in their press conferences.

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