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Era of legitimacy

Apart from Colonel Gaddafi, I believe that every other leader in the Arab world now understands that it is no longer possible to continue to rule his country just because he happens to be in power. The ‘glue’ that used to keep their asses stock on the thrones has melted with the heat of the […]

Libya: the addicts and dinosaurs!

The events in Libya took even the most pessimistic of people by surprise. I am talking about both, those who were pessimistic about how atrocious can a dictator be; and those who thought that politicians cannot possibly go lower. Unfortunately for Libyans, reality proved to be much worse than our worst imaginations. People say that […]

The Bedoon revolt

Unfortunately, Kuwait witnessed another day of crackdown on public liberties today, when a group of Bedoons (the stateless population of Kuwait) who held a peaceful protest to demand their civil rights were attacked by security forces in Jahra, roughly 30 km to the west of Kuwait city. The Ministry of Interior’s spokesman said that the […]

Anti American sentiment?!

Hillary Clinton is calling for the government of Pakistan to stop promoting the anti-American sentiment in Lahore. That is in the city where an American embassy worker shot and killed two Pakistani civilians, one of them in the back, and then claimed that he was doing that in ‘self defense’! I am assuming that not […]

Next stop: Democracy

Just like any other Arab, or even non Arab who believe in Human Rights and freedom, I feel euphoric. I am beyond just happy. There are no words to describe how proud I am of the Egyptian people, and their revolution, and their achievement. Just few weeks ago, I wrote a post where I accused […]

Pro Mubarak disillusion

During the last two days, some people were saying that Mubarak should be given a chance to leave with dignity. Some people even went on to say that the majority of Egyptian people are not protesting because they want him to stay. I find myself obligated to write this post to explain why these claims […]

The power of illusion … at least!

Even if we are going to be optimists, and a little bit naïve, and believe what Mubarak was saying today in his interview with ABC, it is still an indication of the way this man sees Egypt. He told Christiane Amanpour that he wants to step down, but ‘he is afraid that Egypt will fall […]

The last manouver

The Egyptian president’s problem is that he thinks he is smart, when he is stupid. The problem with Obama, and the rest of the world leaders is that they are taking him seriously. The problem with Egypt is that this rotten regime managed throughout his three decades of Mubarak’s presidency to buy a lot of […]

The Mubarak trap

During the long period of dictatorship in the Arab world, many analysts were saying that it is a vulnerability for a country to be embodied in a single person. This makes the country weak not only because this person can have personal interests or wrong judgments, but also because the state in that case becomes […]