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Mohamed Atef lies on the ground after being shot in the head while demonstrating in the town of Sheikh Zoweid, 344 km (214 miles) northeast of Cairo, January 27, 2011. Security forces shot dead Mohamed, a Bedouin protester, in the north of Egypt's Sinai region on Thursday, eyewitnesses and a security source said. The 22-year-old man was shot in the head while demonstrating in the town of Sheikh Zoweid, they said. Security forces fired tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters. REUTERS/Stringer

Like everyone else I was glued to my TV for the last few days, watching the developments of Egyptian revolution as they unfold. Making sure to pay attention to how the western media covers the story, I noticed some indications about the way this region looks like from the perspective of western media.

The most annoying thing about the coverage is that, just like any other event that takes place in this part of the world, the western media turns to its leaders to help it make sense of what’s happening. They seek a ‘moral’ direction from their political leaders to adjust their coverage ‘compass’ of the events.

Just think about it like this, when was the last time you saw an American media outlet disagreeing with the American administration’s view about a foreign country? Compare that to all kinds of disagreement that you hear when it comes to domestic politics and you will get a pretty good picture about what I want to say.

I couldn’t believe it when a CNN presenter was actually asking the question “can we live with a democratic Egypt?” this is outrageous! It shows just how the western media views the people in this part of the world. I cannot imagine hearing the same comment about France or Spain for example.

Actually I heard one caller on an Aljazeera saying that had these protests took place in Ukraine, or in a regime that the west is not in favor of, the buzz of the event, it’s importance, and the coverage for it would’ve been much bigger and much more different

Because media in the west tends to adopt the political view of events, Egyptians are viewed not as peers, or people who have the right for democracy and freedom because they are humans, but their rights are always measured against the interest of those countries in the Middle East.

Of course because the media sees the Arab world like this, the rest of the people in the west see the Arab world through the media, and that is probably why they have a defected image about this region. The image that western nations have about the Arab world is the same as that of their politicians, and that is very far from truth.

One of the key issues that western politicians take into account when looking at this region, including the recent developments in Egypt, is the security of Israel. I continue to fail to comprehend why is it that Israeli security is more important than the safety or the freedom of the Egyptian people. The 80+ million Egyptians’ wellbeing is only legitimate if it suits the interest of the state of Israel. If it doesn’t, then the western political doctrine is willing to accept sacrificing the aspirations, the rights and freedoms, or even the lives of the whole Egyptian population.

I don’t want to seem like a person who is defending extremism here, but I want everyone in the west to understand now why Israel has always been the core area of conflict between the east and the west. The leaders of the west, probably for some small internal political considerations continue to put Israeli interest above the basic rights of Arab people.

There were some news today about three planes filled with police equipments like tear gas and rubber bullets coming to Cairo from Tel Aviv. The state of Israel decided to help the dictator of Egypt regain control over the people. This is not new to us, in fact, throughout its existence, Israel have always positioned itself as an enemy to the Arab people. It’s important to understand that it’s not us who choose to hate Israel, or to make it our enemy, it is Israel who continues to choose to do so.

Teargas canister ... Made in USA

When the western powers orbit around the well of Israel, and chant for its supremacy, they are making a choice to take the side of our enemy. When they support dictators that suppress their nations, and deprive them from their basic human rights, for the sake of Israeli security, they are also making a choice to take the side of our enemy.

I have to clarify here that I don’t believe in violence, but I must say that these actions give extremist groups the necessary tools to direct their hatred to the west and carry out terrorist attacks that kill innocent civilians, and further enlarge the gap of communication between the nations.

By all means these acts are wrong, but what the western governments are doing is also wrong, in fact, it is what ultimately leads to the blossoming of extremist movements.

In short, the blindness that is preventing the US, and other countries in the west from viewing the world through their own eyes, rather than from the perspective of the state of Israel was, is, and will continue to be the greatest point of disagreement with the nations of this region, and the practice has shown that no number of dictators can guarantee a false sense of agreement forever.

This is the moment when the interest of Israel is physically contradicting the interest of the US and the rest of the western powers in this region, and now is the moment to make a decision.

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