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The Israeli solar system?

Like everyone else I was glued to my TV for the last few days, watching the developments of Egyptian revolution as they unfold. Making sure to pay attention to how the western media covers the story, I noticed some indications about the way this region looks like from the perspective of western media. The most […]

Regardless to the outcome

Valuable lessons from the Egyptian revolution What happened in Egypt took everyone by surprise. Egyptians, Arabs, and even people and leaders in the west did not expect the momentum of Tunisian uprising to sweep the well-rooted authoritarian regime in Egypt this quickly. I wrote about the wrong bets that were made by some western leaders […]

Tunisism and Sarkozysm

Who would’ve thought one month ago that a street vendor setting himself in fire in Tunisia will trigger the wave of change in the ailed dictatorships throughout the African wing of the Arab world? Many people, myself included, thought that they will never live long enough to witness a day like this. In fact, I […]

The ultimate conspiracy

The evolution of conspiracy theory management strategies in the last 100 years. For almost any political or historical event there is an alternative explanation. Sometimes these explanations make more sense than the official version; sometimes they don’t make any sense at all. We all know what a conspiracy theory is; it’s like a big rumor […]