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Conservative or liberal?

People always tell me that they find it difficult to determine my political orientation. Am I a liberal, or a conservative? The truth is I am neither and both. As to any other aspect of my worldview, I do not find it necessary to restrict myself into any single category or class. To say that […]

The age of extremism

One only needs to take a look at any international news bulletin to see the scale of this new trend that is taking across the globe. Whole nations are drifting further to the right, going deeper into their selves, and closing their minds in the face of the others. Yesterday I was watching news from […]

Obama, Bush, and the Middle East

I know many people will think that it is completely unfair to compare Barack Obama’s Middle East policy to that of George W. Bush, but it’s a comparison that just must take place at one point. To begin with, we need to understand that there are two Obamas, the candidate and the president. Views of […]

Leak baby leak

The whole world is now in a frenzy state over the recently leaked US cables. Some people are furious about the leaks, many others are happy. I proudly belong to the second group. I think that countries that behave in the name of their citizens do not enjoy the same right for privacy as their […]