Parcel panic vs. common sense

Does this really worth all this buzz?

The parcel bombs caused a global storm of reactions. Politicians, military and strategic analysts, bomb specialists, aviation and even financial experts are all scratching their heads about this new form of threat imposed by global terrorism. Though did not explode, the two bombs caused a global explosion of media coverage and analysis, making it difficult to focus on what really matters. I believe there are two important angles that were overlooked in this buzz, and in this article I would like to convey them through two messages, the first one is to western readers, and the second is to terrorists.

People in the west need to understand that there was always, and there will always be terrorists and criminals who are seeking loopholes in any system for their own gain. The best example for that is internet security. There will always be hackers, and there is always a risk of computer hacking. IT companies around the world accept the fact that they will always need to develop their firewalls and protection systems in order to avoid future attacks; at the same time, hackers around the world continue to enhance their techniques and are always searching for way to hack into those systems.

With every new attack IT specialists learn something new, and they learn how to avoid it, and there will never be a point where a system will be created that can completely eliminate any future hacking attempt. The same can be applied to the loopholes in any security system in any bank in the world, and it can also be applied to any national security system in any country.

At the same time people in the west, and in the US in particular, must understand that there are always war-profiteers, and lobbies that will try to seize such opportunities for their own interests. It will be naivety to assume that a CEO of a weapon manufacturing company, will be dreaming about world peace! There are people who will benefit from a continuous conflict between east and west. We must be cautious of both of these threats equally, because these two groups serves each others interests.

Yes the attempt to send bombs in parcels is a cheap and low shot, but again, not monitoring the parcels is also an irresponsible act. Eventually there will be someone who would want to exploit this hole, this time it happened to be the terrorists, and thanks to Allah that we learned this lesson without loss of lives or property damages.

The danger now is in those who will want to portray this as something related to Islam. There are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world, and these parcels were sent by two or three people in Yemen. The overwhelming majority of people in the Muslim world are peaceful people, and despite what some extremists in the west might want to portray, the majority of Muslim people don’t want to kill anyone. They are more likely to take the side of western nations in this regard than to support the terrorists, but it is in the interest of some extremists in the US and Europe, to portray Muslims as terrorists in to serve their agenda.

These claims are as dangerous as those propagated by some extremists in the Muslim world who are trying to instigate hatred towards western societies by focusing on the extremest actions of a some group there. My message to the western reader is this that we need to learn the lesson from the parcel bombs, and enhance security measures, without blowing this incident out of proportion, or allowing certain groups to ride it in order to push their agenda forward.  

As to the terrorists my message is: ‘ENOUGH’. You are ruining the whole world for everyone. You are ruining the lives of people in the west, you are severely damaging the image of Islam, you are violating the law, and the rules of Islam, therefore, ruining your life, and your afterlife, and you are ruining the life of all the other Muslims as well. What will the killing of 10 or 20 people in the US by parcel give you? Nothing. It will only ruin the lives of so many people and might make them mistakenly hate Islam. It might also cause their governments to take even more strict measures against Muslims.

For us it will be even more difficult to live. After September 11th attack it was difficult for us to fly, and now you are making it difficult for us to send parcels as well! What will be the next ‘hole’ that you will exploit, and how will that affect us?

Killing innocent people is a sin in Islam, and you are committing a sin if you will do it. You will be chased and prosecuted, your families will suffer, and Allah will punish you in the afterlife. So why are you doing this?! Just stop it.

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