One peace of Abbas!

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I want to talk about Palestine, about the so called ‘Palestinian Authority’. It’s really a very funny story if you will look at it from the wider perspective. It illustrates the level of wickedness that exists in the deeds of the leaders of the Zionist state of Israel, and the stupidity, or the selfishness, of those in charge in ‘Palestine’.

At the beginning there was a revolution. Yasser Arafat was the leader of the ‘Front for Palestinian Liberation’, he was a revolutionary kind of a man. Though he is not the brightest of men, he was stubborn. He fought against the Zionist state from Jordan, and then from Lebanon, before being deported to Tunisia.

From his exile, Arafat was a sort of spiritual leader of the Intifada, a symbol for the Palestinian people to follow. This man was tricked into peace talks with those who occupy his country. The peace process was called ‘Land in exchange for peace’, as if Israel is going to practice generosity of giving us (back our) land in exchange for us leaving them in ‘peace’. What a pink world we live in!

Anyway, Arafat agreed to start that devious process, and in exchange for that, he got recognition as a political figure, he got funds, he went back to Palestine, he got forces, cars, jails to put his opposition in, he got everything you need to feel like a president. He was given the whole package of illusions. Yet, he was still stubborn, and Israel was running out of patience.

With support from the US, Israel was able to appoint a prime minister in the ‘Palestinian Authority’, and give him very big chunk of the ‘authorities’ that Arafat once solely enjoyed. That prime minister is the current president of the ‘Palestinian Authority’ Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas was much easier to please, he wasn’t a revolutionary kind of man, he was barely a man. Soon after his appointment, Arafat dies in a strange way, and Abbas is elected the new president. Israel had a fruitful road of negotiations ahead of them. The only difference is that now that Israel think they can take more, they are offering less than what Arafat refused. In fact, they are not offering anything.

In exchange for everything that Israel wanted in the first place, they are willing to give only the illusions to the ‘Palestinian Authority’. Nice car, international recognition, funds, jails for the opposition… etc. And the opposition this time is becoming bigger, because what Abbas is ready to give is becoming much bigger as well.

Abbas, drunk with the illusion of power and ‘authority’, is willing to fight anyone who will question his ‘authority’ of talking on behalf of the Palestinian people. He starts a power struggle with Hamas, accusing them of undermining his position in the peace talks by carrying out ‘terrorist attacks against the (occupying) state of Israel’. Both Abbas and Israel fight Hamas. Eventually, Israel bombards the hell out of Gaza (the last refuge of Hamas), and the whole world watches the scene until Israel gets tiered killing civilians, and then Hamas is no longer a threat to the ‘Peace process’.

What happens next is the most hilarious part of the story. Israel starts building settlements on ALL THE LAND that it was negotiating about, practically drawing out the borders for the final solution as they see fit, without consulting with the Palestinians. Abbas finds himself in a pickle, because what started as ‘land in exchange for peace’ ended with nothing. Now Israel took all the peace that they wanted without giving away any land whatsoever, and the only ‘trick’ remaining in Abbas’ arsenal is ‘land in exchange for talks’. Basically what he is saying is ‘if you don’t give me land, if you don’t stop settlements, I will simply not talk to you guys, that’s all what I will do, because there’s nothing else I can do about it,’!!

I hope now everytime you hear the word ‘the president of the Palestinian authority’ you will get the same amount of laughter that I get from it, because as they say in Arabic ‘The worst of the predicaments is actually funny’.

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