Iraq: A happy ending?

The withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq was received by many people in the region, as a step ahead in the transformation of Iraq into a democratic, viable state. Everyone is happy with that news. Obama is pleased to have started fulfilling one of his campaign promises, American soldiers are happy to end their service in the combat zone and go home to their families, and the Iraqis are happy to be partially free from occupation. I would’ve been happy to see that, if I could only forget about the reason why this war began in the first place.

Weapons of mass ‘distraction’ were used to justify the war on Iraq, not to mention the attempt to link Iraq to Al-Qaeda, even though the occupation of Iraq was the beginning of Al-Qaeda’s operations there. Around 3,000 US soldiers
died, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people were killed. Trillions of dollars were paid by US tax payers to fuel the war, most of them went to corporations that will further influence the US foreign policy in the future to pay for election campaigns for presidents like Bush. TheAmerican people seem to have forgotten all of that.

An inquiry into the war in Iraq was held in the UK, and former Prime Minister Tony Blair testified in a public hearing. In the United States, however, the country that led the operation ‘Iraq freedom,’ and the country whose citizens
paid the most for that ‘freedom,’ no inquiry was held. Everyone seems to have settled for the last justification of the war – “democratizing Iraq,” and everyone is crossing fingers in the hope of a happy ending.

Meanwhile, George W Bush is enjoying his uninterrupted wealthy retirement, paid for by the sweat of American people, the blood of Iraqis, the oil of Iraq, and by weapon manufacturing, contracting and oil corporations. No one seems to be
able to realize how a man who drove the US into the biggest financial crisis of its history, and thousands of Americans out of their jobs, is being paid and cherished just like any other president who did a good job at the Oval Office!

I cannot understand how George Bush managed to get away with such a scheme on the American public and the whole world, without being held responsible for it! I believe that the main reason is that many Americans will think that sending their president on trial for war crimes is an insult to their country. This is because they can’t see the thin line between being a patriot, and a supporter of the president.

In a matter of fact, I think many will even deem this article as being insulting because I am a foreigner who is asking for the US president to be held responsible for all the destruction that he has caused. The truth here is, it is in the best interest of the American people to bring George Bush to trial, at least to understand the motives that led him to make the biggest mistake in the 21st century. To understand his personal judgment that led him to defy the UN and take his country to unjustified war with another country.

Failing to do so will make it easier for future presidents to lie to the American people, and take them through other wars, the cost of which may be greater than this war. What guarantee do they have that the next president will
not do the same, if Bush is not punished for it?

Moreover, I believe that if the lessons of this war are not learned properly, that will be the reason for America’s collapse. If the American people do not take power into their hands, then maybe 50 years from now, an Iraqi president, (or Chinese for that matter) will launch an operation called ‘US freedom’ to give the American people their lost power back.

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