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Two party states and hung democracy

During the last decade many democracies were stuck in a state of political paralysis when elections failed to deliver a clear winner to rule the country. There were repeated incidents of hung parliaments, and disputes over elections results. In some cases these disputes escalated to violent confrontations. These repeated incidents might be an indication to […]

Iraq: A happy ending?

The withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq was received by many people in the region, as a step ahead in the transformation of Iraq into a democratic, viable state. Everyone is happy with that news. Obama is pleased to have started fulfilling one of his campaign promises, American soldiers are happy to end their […]

Publicly protected privacy

I have been wanting to write about this issue on and off for almost two months now. Ever since Google withdrew from China for allegedly refusing to give in for demands to give access to the email accounts of members the country’s political opposition. Back then, Google was facing another dispute over privacy with Austria, […]

Extreme atheism

During my recent visit to Thailand I went to visit Wat Pho, the biggest and oldest temple in the country’s capital, Bangkok. Our tour guide was a very knowledgeable and nice lady named Mimi, who did a very good job walking us through all of the magnificent areas of this sacred Buddhist temple. After the […]