The United States of…Taleban?!

I am sure the leaders of Israel are filled with nostalgia for the old days when they were able to kill civilians without having ‘anti-Semitic’ demonstrations in all the capitals of the world. I am also sure that the Israeli MP Hanin Al-Zoubi is right, and the Israeli government planned this attack in advance for two reasons – firstly to use intimidation in order to prevent future aid flotillas from sailing to Gaza. Secondly, and more importantly in my view, Israel wanted to punish Turkey for providing an exit for Iran on its nuclear program with the recently signed agreement for uranium exchange. The outcome was obviously miscalculated.
Many things have changed in the Middle East, and the Turkish role is undoubtedly changing the regional equation. One exceptionally anticipated change however did not happen – the blind and unconditional support from the US for Israeli atrocities.
President Barack Obama promised a change in US relations with the Muslim world. A few days ago, a theoretical, yet promising, sign for change in this relation happened when the national security report used the term ‘war against Al-Qaeda’ instead of  ‘war against terrorism.’ The US’s backing for Israel’s unjustified cowardly act proved that, in practice, things remain the same.
The American administration is either unable to realize the influence it has over Israel or is refusing to use it. Its repeated use of veto for the sake of Israel in the UN Security Council, the billions of dollars it pays to Israel every year, in addition to the military and intelligence support that the US gives Israel, could not force the latter to freeze the building of settlements in the Jerusalem and West Bank, to start peace talks with the Palestinians, to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty, or to stop ruining the US relations with the Muslim world, thus, undermining the security of American people themselves!
It doesn’t require a genius to figure out that the main reason for the continuous ‘disagreement’ between people in the Middle East and the US is the latter’s unconditional support of Israel. To put it in the simplest terms possible so that even Bush can understand it – when Israel attacks countries or people in the region, and the US supports Israel, the US in this case is behaving in the same way that Taleban behaved following the September 11th attacks.
The Taleban didn’t attack America, Al-Qaeda did. The reason why the US invaded Afghanistan, and is still at war with the Taleban is not because they attacked the US, but because they provided those who did attack the US with shelter and support.

When America supports Israeli terrorism, it is acting in the exact same way that – according to the logic of the Bush administration – justifies the use of force against aggressors, or the supporters of those aggressors. In this case, the US is providing the Islamic extremist groups with justification to carry out more attacks on the US, which will cause the US to take even more aggressive actions against Muslim countries, which will in turn generate aggressive reactions, and so on.
Israel doesn’t care how many American soldiers will die in wars fought on Israel’s behalf against Arab and Muslim countries. That is why it is in the best interest of the American people, as well as the nations of the Muslim world, to stop this unnecessary chain of violence. Muslim countries are doing a great deal to fight organizations like Al-Qaeda and prevent them from carrying attacks against the US. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the American people to change this situation, in which the US backing of an extremist regime is creating the illusion of conflict between two nations, who have more things in common, than any minor disagreements they might face.
This is exactly the kind of change that would make a real difference in the world, and I bet the question many people in the Middle East would like to ask President Obama right now is – Can you? Really?!

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