This is not a code or a password, it is just a title for an article about the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Kuwait (Q8). It might seem like I am deliberately targeting those guys, especially since it wasn't so long ago that I wrote about their "safari" photos, where they show people kneeling on the ground in front of whatever illegal goods they were caught with… but I am not.

The truth is, some decisions made in this ministry can provide a one year supply of material for say, Jerry Seinfeld's or David Letterman's satire shows, both of whom belong to the list of my 'favorite Jews'. Lucky me though, they didn't discover this valuable treasure yet.

Now, before we begin, let's follow the safety instructions of the Traffic Department, and fasten the seat belt by pointing that this article addresses specific decisions, and it does not apply on all decisions, or decision makers in MOI.

So, during the last week or so, various departments in MOI issued decisions that appeared, at least to me, to be as annoying as they are hilarious. The first one was reported by Al-Rai newspaper, where the Deportation Department 'cleverly' requested the Criminal Evidences Department to not mention the charge for people referred for deportation, because mentioning the charge could entitle expats to a court trial. Instead, criminal evidences guys were asked to mention "deported for public interest" as the reason for deportation, so that expats can be deported without any intervention from (Ministry of) Justice.

The second news was reported by Al-Anba newspaper, where Citizenship and Passports Department sources said the department will suspend the passports of 1,000 stateless people, who claimed need to travel for medical treatment but 'did not do so'. This is not the funny part yet. The really funny part is that the department announced it will not notify those people of the decision to suspend their passports, instead, they will just wait for them to buy tickets, go to the airport, check their luggage in, and then walk to the counter to stamp their passports, and only then tell them that their passports are suspended, and that they need to go back home!!

Chances are, if something like this happens to someone who is completely healthy, he would have a stroke instantly. Imagine the impact on an already sick person!

These decisions allow us to clearly see the IQ level of some decision makers in this ministry. The most annoying thing is that this is a ministry that actually has AUTHORITY over people, with non-Kuwaitis being specifically vulnerable to any injustice, or inappropriate decisions made by the ministry.

From here, we can see that in order for Kuwait to become attractive for foreign investments, and in order to make foreigners feel welcomed, or at least safe in Kuwait, the decision making in this ministry must be reconsidered with the slogan 'police is at people's service' in mind.

However, reconsidering the decision-making processes in the ministry should not by any means go through the same decision-making procedures that are currently followed; otherwise we might just end up with decisions that are much funnier than those two mentioned above. In that case, the next article I might write would be titled 'MO-IQ-4' or something like that.

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