Sucking Up Society

Sucking up could be very rewarding for those who master it, and it could also be very annoying for those who don't, or for those who simply despise it. Unfortunately, this ill social habit seems to be opening the royal road to success and prosperity for many people. Some of those people have dual personalities, they are strict and harsh in front of their employees, and low and humble in front of their employers.

I've always enjoyed watching these shifts in people. When they argue for something, and then argue against it after few minutes, when their superior has a different opinion. The funny thing is that suck ups don't really see themselves as suck ups, but they pretty much always require those who work below them to suck up to them, to compensate themselves for sucking up to their superiors.

This kind of behavior will have so many negative consequences on any society, where sucking up is a wide-spread phenomenon. First and foremost, those in power will not assign responsibility to those who are capable of handling it, but rather to those who sucked up enough for them. Eventually, the suck up phenomenon will result in wrong people occupying wrong positions everywhere. This will lead to a deterioration in decision making, and will ultimately result in a downgrade of the quality of products or services offered by any organization.

The second devastating effect of sucking up is that it doesn't deliver the actual picture to those in charge. I mean even if someone in charge actually wants to do something right and good, he will not know what to fix, because those surrounding him will draw a pink picture of reality for him. If he is to make a decision, those around him will not be honest with him if that decision is wrong, and it will be done in a wrong fashion ultimately.

A prolonged exposure to suck ups by even the most honest and enlightened of people will make them assume that this is the way to go. They will believe that they are indeed smart, knowledgeable and capable. Furthermore, they will assume that sucking up is the normal way of talking. Everyone who will talk to them in any other manner will appear arrogant to them, his suggestions will be viewed with apathy and will not be taken into consideration.

Put that with the fact that sucking up puts incapable people in charge, and you will get a formula for the perfect disaster. Those who will dare to say the truth will be isolated and battled, and after that it's just a straight downward line for any society.

Eventually, sucking up becomes the social norm, and it will not be even seen or talked about. Everyone will be sucking up, and no one will realize that this is the reason for their descent. They say: 'Fish is the last to discover water.'

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