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Taboo Intersections

HalluciNations Taboos have always aroused my curiosity. I've always been interested in how they are formed and how people deal with them. I've always believed that studying the taboos of a society can reveal much about it. Knowing what is forbidden can say much more about a nation than knowing what is allowed. Studying the […]

Consumed consumers!

HalluciNations Against all economic theories and all logic, consumers in Kuwait have no voice at all. First of all we have no choice but to consume because we only produce oil. Secondly we have no other amusement other than consuming. Thus, depriving us from products to consume will be like a punishment to us… not […]

The art of exaggeration

Two women, for whom I have the deepest respect, were heavily criticized last week; Oprah Winfrey and Ebtihal Al-Khatib. Oprah was criticized for saying Kuwaiti people behave like Paris Hilton, while workers from other countries do everything for them. Ebtihal was criticized for frankly expressing her rather liberal thoughts on a Lebanese TV show. This […]