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A number of issues caught my attention this week. The fact that a WHO official finally admitted exaggerating the risk of H1N1 virus was one of them. This article, however, is not about that issue in particular, neither it is about the 'funny' way with which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the latest HRW's report on Kuwait, — we are doing everything we can to prove these allegations wrong!" It is not about the suggested amendments to the press law either.

It is perhaps more related to two global phenomena. The first one is anti-semitism, and the second is war on terrorism. A recent study done by a university of Bielefeld in Germany shows that 42 percent of Europeans think Jews are using the Holocaust to blackmail Europe for money.

In the meantime, the US congress is deliberating on a bill that will brand as terrorist any country that helps broadcast any channel that promotes or supports any group which the White House considers a terrorist organization!

First of all, and before any of that is implemented, world leaders should come to an agreed definition of the term terrorism, so that everyone can take part in fighting it. It will be a nice 'change' from the Bush administration's policy, which refused to agree on a single definition of the word in order to be able to apply it to whoever they choose.

I hope the change Obama was talking about is not the same of that adopted by the Bush administration's team. They were so smart, that their reasoning actually looks like this: "we will not change our policy; we will continue to bomb these people, and in the meantime, we will simply do more public relation tours to convince them that this is the right thing to do!

I don't know why, but this reminds me again of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' remarks on the HRW's report. "… Doing all that we can to 'PROVE THEM WRONG!'" instead of 'to stop human rights violations!'

Some people always assume that what is being said about something is more important than that 'something' itself!

The truth is, in order for things to improve, they need to actually improve themselves, not only the way they are viewed or believed to be! Telling everyone how pretty ugliness is does not make it pretty! Nor does preventing people from talking about it! It's that simple!

I think the Ministry of Information should also consider this concept.
Truth cannot be hidden. You can't create a lie and sell it to the whole world for too long. H1N1 was a good example of that. The Holocaust is a good example of that too. Even if the clued-up 42 percent of Europe are still too timid to publicly ask why those 'six millions Holocaust victims' should be more important than the rest of the 60 million people who died in WWII. And if the number "six millions" is correct why is it such a taboo to question it?!

You can't keep justifying injustice and discrimination against Muslims with 'war on terror.' You simply can't continue to terrorize the world with this bogus war! You can't continue to justify suppressing freedoms around the world with the excuse of 'protecting freedoms.'

You can't bend logic. Truth prevails eventually. Stop fooling yourselves people!

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